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Monday, March 19, 2018

The witness Nikita Belykh: “it is Impossible to deny the Governor”

The ex-Governor of Kirov region Nikita Belykh once again taken to court on charges of bribery. The meeting, held for the eighth time, but the process seems not to have passed for the equator. The prosecution’s key witness continues to resist questioning, and White feels more confident.

Photo: AGN “Moscow”

The ex-Governor seems to be increasingly drawn into the incident history with him. At the last meeting he made a formal proposal to his girlfriend and obviously cheered. “Give place to the Federal Minister,” he joked, going into the courtroom.

Witness for the prosecution this time was made by Ruslan Tsukanov, General Director of the Novovyatskiy ski plant.

In 2014 he worked as Deputy General Director from April 1, became the CEO by decision of the Board of Directors and still holds this position. Also in 2012, Tsukanov was the Deputy Director General MC “Forestry”, and in November 2013 became CEO of the company. And NLK, and “Forestry,” White allegedly helped abusing powers.

Of course, Tsukanov — the witness is a minor, the court is still waiting and can not wait for the German businessman Yury Sudheimer, which, according to the prosecution, and White caught on a bribe. But he did his job, and prefers, apparently, to stay away from the Russian justice system. Therefore, Sudheimer did not get to court, citing “valid reasons”.

Unlike Sudheimer who really ran the Finance companies, Tsukanov — hired employee doing his job.

He said that Sudheimer is a major shareholder of NLC.

“You know anything about the provision of White patronage in the activities of MC “Forestry”?” — the Prosecutor asked, obviously annoyed by the fact that “trump card” in the face of a German businessman does not come to his hands, and to interrogate almost useless for business CEO.

“Literally, about the patronage, I can’t judge… thoughtfully he replied. At meetings in the government questions about participation MC “Forestry” and NLK, they were considered”.

“What is your General opinion, interest was White in realization or not?” — said the Prosecutor.

“Hard to say… the Situation changed,” evasively answered the Tsukanov.

Whether by habit, or do so as not to jinx it, though, it would seem, so far, the witness calls the last meeting with the White “extreme”. It took place on 17 may 2016, followed by another transfer of funds by the management companies of Whites. However, evidence that it is a bribe, the prosecution has still not appeared. Tsukanov said that the money was transferred for the improvement and for the election campaign.

The Prosecutor noticeably perked up and asked a “provocative question” why businessmen gave money to the gubernatorial campaign of White?

“Well, for what is the second question, not confused the witness. — If the Governor appeals to the business community, if there is initiative — how can I say no?”

However, during interrogation it was found out that at the polling account the money was transferred was not only “the improvement of the region”. First, 1.2 million, then another, and then 500-600 thousand.

However, in the course of the questioning it became clear why it was important to the Prosecutor Tsukanov. In all White he was with the recorder. However, the request to tell, whether to record something suspicious, again disappointment: “there is Nothing unnatural for me this was not normal conversation.”

Lawyer Andrew Trammel asked why he decided to secretly record the conversation with White.

“Why discreetly — not discreetly! We’re not a private conversation, there was public communication. I didn’t even think that he is one,” said the witness.

Then the questioning interfered with the White and asked why it was impossible to put on the table the recorder.

“So you hidden recording led?” — Doge witness advocate.

“Yes, probably”, — is guilty admitted under the Sizzling views of the Prosecutor: the law secret records attached to it.

Now the main issue is the appearance of Sudheimer. Would the businessman to testify against a White person? More precisely, to formulate the question differently: how the prosecution will get him to do it, after all, the former head of Novovyatskiy ski mill albert Sarnecki is accused of fraud on a large scale, and Sudheimer easily from a witness may become an accused. Without it following the meetings, a score more in favor of Whites. Direct evidence that he took a bribe, in addition to the history with marked bills, no. But its credibility has repeatedly been called into question.

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