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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fear of spiders announced an innate feature of a person

It is believed that the fear of spiders and snakes has evolutionary roots, since those other creatures are often poisonous, the subconscious desire to avoid them, in some degree, is quite logical. However, until now specialists have no clear opinion on whether the arachnophobia can be called “innate” feature. To answer this question, experts from Germany and Sweden did you check for spiders and snakes react six-month-old infants.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Some of the children who participated in the study, the experts alternately showed pictures of spiders and flowers, and others — pictures of snakes and fish. Meanwhile, the scientists watched as the pupils of babies react to certain photos if they expanded, it talked about the more active work of the noradrenergic system of the body, i.e. nervous excitement as a reaction to a frightening stimulus.

Scientists can so that the spiders “matched” similar in colour and size of flowers, and snakes — fish. Nevertheless, the outlines of the more “dangerous” creatures in many cases explicitly evoked more active dilation of the pupils of the six-month study participants. According to scientists, this may indicate inherent in human ability from infancy to distinguish between potentially dangerous creatures and react to them accordingly. However, experts suggest that the formation of phobias, in addition to the inherent evolution fear of spiders, may be involved and any other factors.

But researchers note that the difference between the reaction to the flowers and spiders were more noticeable than in the case of snakes and fish. The authors of scientific work tend to explain this by the fact that, both fish and snakes are animals, and they are quite similar to each other visually.

The study was published in the scientific publication Frontiers in Psychology.

According to some, arachnophobia, that is the panic fear of spiders, today affects up to 6 percent of people on Earth.

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