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Monday, February 19, 2018

Chinese socialism onto the world stage: XI Jinping announced plans

Opened in Beijing the XIX Congress of the Communist party of China (CPC), which brought together more than 2000 delegates from all over China. Although the discussion of the fate of China will mostly take place behind closed doors, the contents of the introductory report of the Secretary General of the party already known. In his speech before the delegates, XI Jinping has outlined 14 principles of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. This expression entered the political dictionary of the Chinese Communists in the days of Deng Xiaoping, but its content is constantly changing. According to the version of XI Jinping, now it will include the growing influence of China in the international arena and the struggle for the “purity series” inside the country.

photo: kremlin.ru

Some of the 14 abstracts XI Jinping repeated the longstanding rhetoric of the Chinese Communists about the “leading role of the party” and “efforts for the good of the people.” However, among them there are characteristic points such as “providing harsh methods of intra-party regulation” and the intensification of global integration projects.

As you know, XI Jinping at the outset of his reign, in 2012, launched a massive campaign against corruption. In his opening speech at this Congress he made it clear that she will not only continue, but to gain even more momentum. “We will bring to light the tiger, brush away flies and Fox hunt,” — said the Chairman of the PRC, bearing in mind that the anti-corruption campaign will affect officials of all ranks.

Under the current head of the party and the increased weight of China in the international arena, what he forgot to mention. “Soft power” and international influence of China increased significantly, noted si. — The international position of the country went on an unprecedented level.” “It is time for us to come to the forefront of the world and begin to make a greater contribution to the history of mankind,” — said the Secretary General.

But the speech of the President of the country was not only dedicated to success. He warned that the party is waiting for “significant change”, and all the inhabitants of the country must unite to realize “the Chinese dream of the rejuvenation of the nation.” To interpret this statement it is possible from an economic point of view. As previously said the experts, the Chinese economy needs to transition to the new model. Economic development has led to the fact that the labor force in the country has risen, and the basis for the explosive growth of China’s exports were just cheap labor.

If the Communist party can not cope with this problem, the billion people of China may have doubts in expediency of existence of the one-party system. It follows from this and the unprecedented scale of the anti-corruption campaign of XI Jinping: in the current difficult situation to the credibility from the population to carry out large-scale reforms can only be completely pure in terms of moral leadership.

Mentioned XI Jinping and on the environmental problem of China. The world’s second economy, China has been paying a high price. Reduced costs of Chinese goods are not only low labor costs, but “dirty” industrial production, which has put the country in a difficult environmental situation. If such disregard for the environment will continue in the coming decades, China is on the brink of environmental disaster. Therefore, one of the 14 theses of the Secretary General of the CCP, both “environmental protection”. He stressed that in this sphere the country has “a long way to go”.

In any case, the XIX Congress of the Communist party of China has just started, and probably bring a lot more surprises. According to the official representative of Zheng, delegates will hear a work report of the Central Committee of CPC for discipline inspection, to amend the Charter of the CCP and to elect new members of the Central Committee of the CPC. The leadership of the party must come a new generation of leaders who will implement the 14 principles of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

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