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Monday, February 19, 2018

The expert explained what to expect from Congress of the Communist party of China

On October 18, the scheduled opening of the XIX Congress of the Communist party of China (CPC) is the main political event of the Chinese five-year plan. It is expected that the Congress will be significantly updated the composition of the governing bodies of China, but the country will remain XI. However, you cannot call this event the duty of re-election: CPC in recent years has faced many new challenges. This development of modern technology that threatens to break through the great wall of censorship, and the slowdown in economic growth and exacerbation of internal contradictions. At the Congress top leadership of the party to be developed including a strategy for dealing with these challenges that will determine policy for the next five years.

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The previous party Congress was held in China in 2012. It was then that the post of Secretary General of CPC and concurrently the President of China received XI. The second man in the Communist party became the Prime Minister of the state Council of China Li Keqiang. It is expected that they will both retain their positions for the next five years. This is not only a tradition (as a rule, the governing “tandem” China is ruled by two consecutive five-year terms), but the fact that XI Jinping in recent years significantly strengthened its position in the CCP.

Started his anti-corruption campaign has allowed him to make popularity among the people, and lead to key positions of his supporters. In 2016, the Plenum gave XI Jinping the title of “core” party, which although did not add him any official authority, but secured him a leadership position on a psychological level.

However, the upcoming Congress of the CPC should lead the ranks of the Chinese leaders are “fresh blood”. The highest governing body of China is a de facto standing Committee of the Politburo of the Communist party. It consists of seven people and at least five of them, most likely, leave their posts after the XIX Congress. Deng Xiaoping established the system of government in the PRC based on the principle of collective leadership and regular updates of the elites, though, XI is clearly trying to amass as many levers of government.

“All the congresses of the CCP necessarily mean the changes underlined in conversation with “MK” head of the Center for political studies and forecasts of the Institute of Far Eastern studies Andrei Vinogradov. — Adopt plans for socio-economic and political development for the next five years. First, everyone is waiting for changes in the report on the international situation, foreign policy of China. Since the previous Congress, the General Secretary XI Jinping put forward a number of initiatives — the economic belt of the silk road, Maritime silk road and a few others, on cooperation and security in the Asia-Pacific region. All these policy initiatives, XI Jinping, needs to be conceptualized and to obtain the approval of the higher party body. China now has actually become more influential in the international arena, but he still needs to define its new place in the world on a theoretical level.

The second important point is, of course, change the economic model. The current model is based on cheap labor. Due to this ensured the competitiveness of Chinese goods on the world market. Now as a result of economic growth labor costs also increased, and China needs to move to a new model. How to do it — the issue is quite complex. President of China XI Jinping always talks about the necessity of transition to innovative economy. I think that they don’t already have, but some General directions at the Congress will be determined.

The next topic is not so obvious. The fact that XI Jinping, as you know, has been active in domestic politics and today is 16 or higher posts in the state. Most of them appeared during his tenure as Secretary-General. It is not excluded that the Congress will adopt changes in the composition of the highest party organs. You may enter a post of the Chairman of the Central Committee. This post was Mao Zedong, and which was abolished in 1981. But this is not the only option. It is also likely that we will take the amendments to the Charter of the CCP, which will impose higher requirements to join the ranks of the party and its members. This is due to the anti-corruption campaign and General struggle for the improvement of the ethical climate in Chinese society”.

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