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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The DNR has disappeared a Russian journalist, who knows who killed Motorola

Those who write about Donbass from the beginning of the armed conflict undoubtedly know of the Novel Manekina. In person or by telephone. A Russian citizen, the political scientist, the journalist he went to Donetsk on his small home, in 2014, was one of the originators of the “Russian spring”, all three and a half years of war were at the forefront. Yes what there to speak, if need were urgent comments, “MK” called him in the night, Manekin knew the whole background of what is happening…

Roman Manekin.

Some time ago Roman Manekin said in a social network, it has on hand lists of the names of at least 300 Russian citizens who are illegally detained in prison right now in the DNI.

Then he reported that he has information on the killers of Motorola.

And last Thursday, disappeared, was kidnapped by unknown…

“About Motorola he wrote me in a personal letter. Did not name names, but said that this is definitely not the DRG — Ukrainian subversive groups”, — says Alexey Krasilnikov, former Minister of DNR, who previously was a candidate for the presidency of the Republic, and now is there in the list of the alleged creation of the OPG. “OPG is the Ministry of agriculture which I headed in the 14th year,” explains Krasilnikov, currently living in Russia and believes that his search triggered by Zakharchenko.

Who are these three hundred Russian prisoners is unknown, but it is likely that we are talking about the former volunteers from Russia unaccounted for, which Manekin as a human rights activist recently visited in Donetsk prison. For which they sit — the secret behind seven seals.

The head of the DNI, surrounded by guards. Photo: TWITTER.COM / fulelo

Yes, that is the last time in the NPT — and not only in political terms, it is strange for so many who friend, who enemy, the once great ideas of “freedom and independence” much worn out, has become a profitable business for the top, and even people, is primarily loyal to the current government, the same Roman Manekin, which is in contact with Zakharchenko and supported all his undertakings, and was even a consultant to the government, that is, to call him opposition leader and fighter against the regime does not, suddenly began to openly criticize the status quo.

The collapse of the economy, sales left the once-profitable enterprises, muhlezh with taxes and oppressive extortions from merchants, in this case — the full poverty of the local population, several million people who were besieged on all sides.

About Manekin wrote in their recent investigations.

“Knowing of the Novel, you can be pretty sure that he did it from the heart, he has always been quite an outspoken person, she thought, then said,” sincerely worried about his friends in Donetsk.

And even foes believe that the journalist has suffered for daring to make unflattering for someone the truth.

“I can’t say that was his friend. Moreover, when I was imprisoned in Russia, Manekin only added fuel to the fire, wrote a specific article against me”, — says Vadim Pogodin, the battalion commander, Kerch, once charged with the murder of 17-year-old Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Chubenko, for that Ukraine declared him wanted through Interpol, this summer Pogodin was detained in the Crimea, but soon released because no evidence of his guilt Kiev was provided. “Yes, I think that for me Manekin bastard, but now he fell for that indifferent to what is happening in the country. It is for this balamutit Manekina and planted.”

The journalist was taken from his home along with his wife by unidentified armed men suspected to be members of CEWG “personal” head of the Republic. Roman managed to call several friends, saying that he was visited by people from state security, who revealed the identity. According to the wife, they were taken together, threw in some basement, her husband was beaten in front of her, then released her. The only thing she understood — it was not jail, not the police Department, not some other formal structure, but a private building. “He was beaten with rifle butts in the apartment, the real police were there too, then they left, leaving him alone with some strange persons”, — told local reporters familiar Manekina.

Quotes from the correspondence of the Novel with friends.

This is all we know to date. What is now missing what he is charged, arrested if he officially lives there anyway, no one knows. Donetsk his friends and colleagues not so great the possibility to search for him. So it was that stood up for the Roman people this was impossible to expect, — the former militia of Russia, long gone from the DNR.

“Roman Manekin, primarily a Russian citizen. And so to look for him should the Russian authorities. In our appeal to the power structures of the DPR — they deny any involvement in his disappearance. We ask the deputies of the state Duma, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to provide the request to the foreign Minister to clarify the circumstances of the abduction of journalist Manekine”, — commented the “MK” the Hero of Russia for military actions in Chechnya, former volunteer Donbass John Semenov.

It is hoped that Roman Manekin is still alive and will be found. Meanwhile, all the sensational documents about which he spoke last time and disappeared together with him. The information that he allegedly was found in jail and he was charged with subversive activities in favor of Ukraine have not yet been confirmed.


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