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Friday, March 16, 2018

Strange attempt APU “avenge Krasnogorovka” failed

In recent days the Ukrainian mass media with reference to “volunteers” and “activists” gleefully reported the “new success in Svetlodarsk arc”. Supposedly part of the APU almost broke through the defenses of the BCH, advanced a kilometer and entrenched in the new positions. Similar events allegedly occurred in the South precinct. However, the reality contradicts this Patriotic reports.

On Wednesday part of the 53rd brigade of the APU, which is with exceptional tenacity collects adventures on your body for several months, within two and a half hours fired on the village of nyzhnie lozove, located on the Eastern flank of the positions of the BCH on the arc. And in broad daylight.

After that some subversive groups have made “gray area” in the village. The positions of the BCH, which could “break through”, there is not – and never did.

To the forefront of the BCH 53 brigade don’t even come close, and Ukrainian artillery fire for some time concentrated on several bunkers BCH between the so-called “magic forest” and rural areas.

Particularly active fire was in the dugout on the outskirts of the village near the power lines, which eventually damaged. Because of the heat and use tracer bullets (they are used if not able to shoot or “lights” positions for artillery) in the dry grass catching fire. In parallel on other fronts, the helicopter APU at low altitude began to shoot anti-missile flares, than successfully set fire to a barley field almost 20 acres. In the rising smoke to conduct aimed fire was already pointless.

BCH responded with mortar fire at the “magical forest”, and from machine guns and snipers forces – moving groups of Ukrainian troops. The result of the APU had pulled back except for two subversive groups that got lost and bumped into a minefield. At least three died on the spot, and ten were wounded. If it was trying to break, too clubhand.

Ukrainian officers claimed that they wanted to avenge the counter BCH under Krasnogorovka and a half weeks ago. Krasnogorovka and Marinka – settlements to the West of Donetsk, the leading position of the APU, where the city is regularly shelled. BCH has repeatedly attempted to dislodge the enemy from Marinka, which could open wide prospects for the security of the Donetsk and change the entire configuration of the front in the Western direction, which is the APU considered impregnable, therefore, secondary. Behind them is Kurakhovo and reserves and the sector headquarters.

Fighting in Marinka and Krasnogorovka double-edged. In the summer of 2015, the BCH has taken a major, but poorly prepared attack on Marinka. Then the brigade “Fifteen” was able to hurriedly pass the whole housing and get to the heart of the village, but support from the other large teams she has not received that was the cause of impartial trials. APU advanced from Kurakhovo reinforcements, and “Tag” retreated to their former positions, and the Ukrainian troops on their shoulders tried to break into Petrovsky district of Donetsk, which is almost directly adjacent to Marinka and Krasnogorovka.

In hindsight it was argued that the threat of invasion of the APU in the city limits of Donetsk and was the cause of the hasty attack on Marinka in 2015. And this threat has not disappeared until now, though the fighting in this area virtually ceased for two years in connection with the balance of power.

But in the second half of July, the situation has deteriorated. BCH was several times taken very bold attacks on the positions of the 28th motorized rifle brigade of the APU, and on July 20 exclusively successfully attacked the advanced posts of the 28th brigade on the outskirts of Krasnogorovka. Assault group from 10 to 15 people secretly went to the Ukrainians, identified mortar positions of the enemy, after which it and the checkpoint opened fire artillery cannon.

It is noteworthy that for the first time in a long time, BCH conducted a counter-attack involving heavy equipment: after the destruction of the mortar and grenade AFU positions for direct fire out a few tanks and, encountering no resistance, shot bunkers Ukrainians, opening the way for the infantry into the Krasnogorovka.

However, the goal is to capture the new positions or even enter the town one did not think about that. The assault team took a strong point and captured a Ukrainian soldier (three more were killed on the spot), and then withdrew to his former position.

These events are heavily plowed consciousness of the command of the APU. Suddenly it became clear that such iconic areas as Krasnogorovka, the Ukrainians don’t bother to cover appliances, the benefit of almost all the tanks summarized in tactical groups and assigned the areas that command finds attractive to organize their own offensive (for example, on the same Svetlodarsk arc, Gorlovka, Avdeevka and industrial zones in the coastal areas). In the end, command of an armored group is knows whom, is another story – the organization of their interaction with “regular” infantry brigades.

The motif of “revenge for Krasnogorovka” can hardly be considered sufficient to justify another attempt to portray a “breakthrough” on the arc Svetlodarsk. Otherwise, why was it necessary to throw under the Gorlovka 20 howitzers and tanks to put in there? In Donetsk believe that the armed forces continue to probe the position of the BCH in search of weak spots, but on the arc Svetlodarsk already zeroed every Bush, there is nothing to probe.

In this Thursday, APU suddenly shelled the Northern districts of Donetsk, in particular the long-suffering area of “Volvo-center”. This usually happens out of desperation.

In Kiev continue to talk about the tactic of “pressing the grey zone”, “frog jumping” and other traditional tricks. Nothing fundamentally new in them, of course not. But the strategy of concentration of forces in random directions were driven APU to a standstill. Armor is not stupid enough to uniformly maintain the voltage or to effectively defend themselves on the frontline.

If BCH wanted to, I could July 20, not too straining, log-in Krasnogorovka that would put an advanced garrison of the 28th brigade in Marinka (by the way, there is still reason are the guards) before a choice: to retreat to Kurakhovo or not too heroic to die in the next pot, opening the way BCH almost to the Dnieper on the bare steppe, where there is no cover.

Against the background of such prospects pale all ephemeral achievements such as “advance to the one kilometer” from “the magic forest” on the arc Svetlodarsk. Yes, even a half! The more you get closer, the easier to get to you.

One has only to imagine what would happen if in Krasnogorovka were in motion the whole team of the BCH, if it is a subversive group of 10-15 people with four tanks brought such horror on the 28-th guards brigade.

Support for the liberation of Marinka easy toss is the “Crocodile” – an abandoned slag heap on the outskirts of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, which is controlled and the way the Krasnogorovka Marinka and towns.

Similarly, the position of the BCH on the outskirts of Staromykhailivka will constantly threaten the 28th brigade in Krasnogorovka, and advanced positions of the parties are no more than two kilometers from each other.

All this is much more dangerous for Kiev than Donetsk hikes Ukrainian subversive groups around the “magical forest” through the minefields.


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