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Friday, February 23, 2018

NASA will make 12 people a month to lie upside down for the sake of science

The American space Agency NASA has selected a dozen new volunteers to participate in the experiment, during which they will need to spend a month in the supine position. Head of participants will be lowered to six degrees relative to a horizontal position. The content of carbon dioxide in the room where it will be experiment will be ten times more than “in nature”. Two people to the experiment has already begun.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts warn that those wishing to participate in such experiments that the prospect of spending a month in the lying position is not so pleasant as it might seem to some — quite quickly the inability to walk is starting to cause boredom and irritation. There are even wash the subjects will also be forced to not getting up. Their diet will be strictly controlled, and for many physical performance, and even psychological state will never watch experts.

As explained by the organizers, experiments of this kind help to recreate the conditions similar to microgravity and see how people respond to them. The relevant data necessary, including, for planning future manned missions to Mars.

The us space Agency did not specify what reward will be given to the volunteers for this unusually held a month. We will remind, in April of this year for participating in a similar, but twice as longer the experiment the French Institute for space medicine and physiology has promised each volunteer 17 thousand dollars.

In the Soviet Union, as earlier told to “MK” head of the Department of prevention of the Institute of biomedical problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, physiologist, academician Inessa Kozlovskaya, experiments of this kind was held for the 60th year of the last century and they lasted for the whole year, not one or two months. They participated in the regular test IBMP, who received regular monthly salary.

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