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Thursday, February 22, 2018

An expert on sanctions of the Russian Federation to the DPRK: Koreans inventive change on the oxen

Monday, October 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a Decree in pursuance of the resolution of the UN Security Council on sanctions against North Korea. According to George TOLORAYA, Director of Korean programs, Institute of Economics, many of our companies have turned their business in the DPRK. In the result, the country began a severe shortage of gasoline. But Koreans are very inventive. They move from cars to bicycles, some cars, working with wood, and soon, instead of trucks on the roads go carts drawn by oxen.

Machine on wood.

– The decree of the President we are talking about the resolution of the UN security Council on 30 November last year, which was adopted in response to missile and nuclear tests by North Korea. Why Russia waited so long before imposed sanctions, hoping that Pyongyang will come to their senses?

No political motive here, just so does our state apparatus. Will be until all approvals, sign all legal services will look, and as the year passes.

But in September 2017 was adopted by the UN security Council a new resolution still more toughening sanctions, these measures have not yet entered into legal force in Russia?

– Not yet, wait for the next decree a year later. But in fact, sanctions are already in place. Many Russian companies are scaling down their business in Korea, being afraid of sanctions against themselves at the international level.

– The decree of the President says that is not allowed to deliver to the DPRK, helicopters and sea vessels, and our companies not to buy copper, Nickel, silver and zinc. All these measures only hurt the economy of North Korea or the global economy also will have an impact?

– Damage to both sides. In the far East, many companies are doing business with North Korea: bought there rare metals, copper, Nickel, and supplied to petroleum products. Now they are scaling down their activities, many are even forced to close – leaving the market.

Of course, the loss of the DPRK sanctions do not compare our where they can lead to a humanitarian disaster. But most importantly, the political leadership of the country in relation to the development of nuclear weapons, it will not change, rather, it will lead to increase the arms race. And the people will suffer.

– How’s life in the face of economic sanctions impact in everyday life?

– I was recently in the North-East of North Korea, and could not help but notice that the city gas stations almost no gasoline. Freely it’s not for sale, only through connections, for very important people. I explained this by the fact that early deliveries were from Russia, and now our companies are afraid to take risks. As a result, transport has risen in price in 2 times, and soon, they say, he did get up. However, the Koreans are very resourceful, many already ride bikes, but the goods seem to be to carry oxen. By the way, saw machine operating on wood, these were in the 50-ies.

– How do they work?

– The back is a wood burning stove, in the pot to boil water, and car rides. Yet it is evident that many people were left without work, rose mine, which extracted coal. The port has accumulated a huge mountain of coal, before he was exported – is now impossible. Got mines as rare metals from the DPRK cannot be exported. To stop the whole textile industry. Fabrics, materials and patterns supplied by the Chinese, North Korea is very cheap labor, so China was profitable sewing there, and then export finished garments and to put on the West. So a blow to Western brands. But now hundreds of thousands of women working in light industry, were left without work. And fishermen, too, because seafood exports are going. Soon, I fear, the country may begin hunger.

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