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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The expert called for the purpose of instant global strike the United States in Russia

USA began to create combat systems instant global strike, said the defense Ministry. The military fear that their appearance will enhance the combat capability of the U.S. missile defense system will pose a threat to the strategic nuclear forces of Russia. The reasons for this concern, “MK” talked with an expert.

photo: youtube.com

About the early development Americans strike complexes the representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia, Alexander Emelyanov. According to him, “the Pentagon has begun to establish a promising strike complexes instant global strike. Conventional these systems should solve the same tasks that today are entrusted to the strategic nuclear forces”.

Apparently we are talking about hypersonic missile weapons and unmanned kosmicheskih devices, said the “MK” military expert Ilya Kramnik. “Many predicted the appearance of orbital assets, especially given the testing of such systems as the orbital plane X-37B and technology demonstrator advanced hypersonic cruise missile X-51 Waverider. In my opinion it is a combination of orbital and hypersonic aircraft”.

Now the application of the American global disarming strike impossible, but in the long term the danger will be real, and not only due to the appearance of our “partners” a new weapon, the expert added. “The danger will also arise in case of the further reduction of our nuclear weapons. This attack not only on the control system’s strategic nuclear forces, but actually weapons — missile mines with a heavy Intercontinental ballistic missiles and mobile missile systems. The main purpose of instant impact — not to destroy everything at once, and to liquidate such number of our missiles, so the rest could finish the missile defense system. While this task is impossible, but in the future it can be resolved”.

In response to a strengthening of the military potential of the us missile defense from Russia is to expect the emergence of strategic missile complexes with new military characteristics. In particular, promising heavy ICBMs “Sarmat”, which in NATO classification has already received the name of Satan-2, can hit the U.S. “how did not expect,” said Kramnik. “Given the potential power of the rocket, which promises to be worth the wait from her various complex trajectories of flight, including approaches to strike the South side”.

However, the topic of the emergence of the US arms of global disarming strike for the Ministry of defence is not new and periodically raises the military for discussion. “Wanting to get the budget a lot, and defense is one of the largest recipients. Now the question of the adoption of the new state program of armaments and the defense Ministry is not interested in being cut”, – the expert believes.

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