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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Vikings were Muslims, said Swedish archaeologists

Archaeologist Annika Larsson and her colleagues from Uppsala University has suggested that some Vikings in the IX-X centuries, practiced Islam. In favor of this assumption is evidenced by previously discovered a fragment of silk cloth on which was embroidered the name of Allah and son-in-law of the prophet Muhammad, Ali Ibn Abu Talib. According to scientists, if the Vikings were among the Muslims, this could explain the popularity of silk in Scandinavia of those times.

photo: pixabay.com

Silk fabric was discovered in the study of one of the burial places of the Vikings. Originally the inscription on it found the normal pattern of the Viking age, however, a second study has allowed to understand that this is a Kufic letter is one of the oldest types of Arabic alphabet. Also, experts note that the word “Allah” was written on the mirror. According to the researchers, this was done to ensure that the prayer can be read from left to right.

According to Larsson, this finding suggests that the tomb belongs to the Viking practice Islam. Moreover, if this phenomenon was widespread, it could explain why in graves of the Viking silk can be found quite often: how to remind archaeologists that the Quran says that all who will go to Paradise will wear silk clothes. Experts admit that the burial traditions and even beliefs about the afterlife of the Vikings may have been influenced by Islam.

It is assumed that the tissue in the distant past were brought from Persia or Central Asia.

This is not the only recent case when scientists make unexpected assumptions about the Vikings. In April of this year, researchers from the Danish technical University have suggested that many members of this warlike civilization swords for decorative purposes, and last September the Oxford genetics announced that the Vikings were “cat people”, and sometimes were even buried with their Pets.

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