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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Scorpions were able to choose the poison’s specific needs

A group of Australian scientists from James cook University, found that an intermediate position in the food chain forced the Scorpions to expertly dispose of your poison. As it turned out, the ratio of the three types present in this venom toxins depends on the conditions in which chlenistonogogo have to fight for existence.

photo: pixabay.com

Scorpions often feed on insects, but they themselves can become prey to other animals. While some proteins in its venom is effective against potential prey, others against mammals, some of which Scorpions feed on, and still others in both cases. The ratio of toxins from different Scorpions may be different. To find out, does it depend on external circumstances where Scorpio lives, the experts conducted an experiment.

The researchers divided insects into three groups, each of which was placed in different conditions. In the first group the Scorpions had to hunt for grasshoppers, however, nor what threats they faced. Scorpions from the second group from time to time faced with a stuffed mouse that was supposed to mean a danger to them. Finally, the arthropods in the control group were fed dead crickets, so the poison wasn’t necessary neither to attack nor to defend.

A month and a half, the experts have checked, did the experiment on the composition of the venom of the Scorpion, and found that it really is. Laboratory animals that lived in expectation of the attack of a predator, produced a greater quantity of toxins, “is intended” to mammals, and less than those that could act on insects.

According to experts, this features the Scorpions will probably help to understand how they maintained the stability of food chains in ecosystems, which include poisonous animals.

The new study was published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

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