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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Americans lie: the place of the fall of the Soviet satellite it is impossible to guess

According to foreign astronomical services administration, in late October, the Ground will fall of the Soviet communications satellite Molniya. Experts told the “MK” should we be afraid of space “greetings from the past”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

About the upcoming entrance of the exhaust communication satellite “Molniya 1-44”, which weighs half a ton, before reported “Interfax” with reference to the French astronomer Joseph Remy. According to his calculations, the spacecraft the Soviet production, launched into orbit back in the summer of 1979, the collapse of the South Atlantic 500 miles West of Rio de Janeiro on October 25. At the same time, experts at the American space Agency NASA predicts the gathering of “Lightning” from orbit on 20 October, and do not represent the area of his fall.

In the opinion of the reviewer of the magazine “news of cosmonautics” Igor Lisova, these predictions are questionable.

It is impossible to predict the exact place of falling now. The one who does it, at best relates the current forecast by the U.S. strategic command, which actually produces and not NASA. Or a French astronomer calculated it myself, but still starting from American calculations. But in short, it is impossible to predict for so many days, the place and time of the fall of the satellite.

The expert believes that there is probability of fall of “Lightning” on the land, however, this would not entail catastrophic consequences. Lisov said that this satellite is not radioactive items that could fall on the Earth’s surface, and if the Board remains toxic substances, they will burn up in the atmosphere.

His view was agreed and the military expert of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alex Levkov.

“Structurally, the satellite is designed in such a way that when entering the dense layers of the atmosphere, it will disintegrate into many small pieces that will burn. From one and a half tons will remain a small block equipment not weighing more than two hundred pounds,” – said the expert.

Leonov reminded that in the history of space exploration, there are scenes associated with the fall and more massive spacecraft, which deviate from the calculated trajectories and instead fall into the ocean, fell to the ground.

So the only American space station Skylab was supposed to fall into the ocean 1,300 km South of Cape town, but due to her slower than expected, the destruction, part of the unburned fragments fell in the West of Australia.

The same thing happened with the Soviet orbital station “Salyut-7”. Compaction of the upper layers of the atmosphere due to rise in solar activity in 1990 led to the fact that the “fireworks” began to decline with off-design speed. In the end, on the night of February 7, 1991, unburned fragments of the orbital complex fell in sparsely populated areas of Argentina and Chile. Has done without victims and destructions.


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