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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Poroshenko disgraced in Europe: the language to Budapest will bring

“Self-determination for Transcarpathia”. Exactly the slogan of Hungarian activists going to begin on 13 October mass action for the protection of their countrymen residing in Transcarpathia and deprived under the new law of Ukraine on languages the opportunity to study in their native language.

photo: a frame from the video

The Hungarian minority living compactly in Beregovo, Vynohradiv, Uzhhorod and Mukachevo district, Transcarpathian region and employs more than 150 thousand people. In fact, all of them in addition to the Ukrainian also have a Hungarian passport, so can feel quite freely and not be afraid of repression in Kiev.

The new law on languages, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 5 September this year, involves the forced (until 2020) and the total Ukrainization of the education system with the virtual elimination of the possibility to get even primary education in their native language to children of all parents whose native language is not Ukrainian. This has affected the representatives of the Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, and Greek national minorities, who live primarily near the Western and South-Western borders of Ukraine (Odesa, Chernivtsi and Transcarpathian region).

In fact the introduction of such standards of education is reminiscent of European practice 80-year — old policy of absorption at “higher race” and “untermensch” by the name of Heinrich Himmler. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siarto directly promised the next day after the signing of the law Poroshenko “to obstruct the further European integration of Kiev” and even threatened to start the procedure of revision of the Agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU if this law is repealed.

Thank you, Mr. Syarto, for a decent example for the protection of its national interests in Ukraine — unfortunately, the Russian colleagues from the foreign Ministry was limited to a meaningless routine “statement of concern”, and then only two weeks later, when to ignore it has become indecent. After all, the main real victim of the language law is the Russian indigenous people of Ukraine, which is even hard to call a “national minority”. In the former Ukraine, there were up to half of the citizens. It is they who will suffer the most from its adoption. But for some reason we don’t hear the loud statements by the official authorities of the Russian Federation for this reason. Because how could the visa regime to threaten, and actually absent diplomatic relations were to terminate formally. But no, the interests of our with you, dear readers, of Russian compatriots in Ukraine to protect the… the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary!

At yesterday’s meeting of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to protect the language law came Petro Poroshenko for the first time in his presidential status was politically booed Europe. In fact, the first time after the “euromaidan” political opinion “civilized Europe” has acted sharply against Ukraine.

The intensity of the debate reached such an extent that Ukrainian MP Irina Gerashchenko managed to accuse “the Kremlin” of their Romanian and Hungarian colleagues, causing absolute confusion in the slender ranks of “Putin-skeptics” among European conservatives. Poroshenko made a poor lawyer a new law, his argument that “the representatives of national minorities do not speak the Ukrainian language well enough for admission to the University degree” has not been heeded by the European community, and in shame he was forced to retire. In the process his security in front of everyone once again used physical force in respect of the Russian journalist (this time went to the journalist of TV channel “Russia”).

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, in turn, canceled a visit to Kiev. And absolutely it cannot be excluded that behind the “self-determination for Transcarpathia” will not come the self-determination of Bukovina or Bessarabia, where there are also areas with a predominantly Romanian population.

Obviously, the Hungarians, among which the popular idea of the return of former Hungarian territories under the auspices of the “Great Hungary” was inspired by the example of Catalonia and now is definitely not back down from plans for the protection of its own population. I’ll see if they have European methods to oppose Kiev and its fascist practices. Rapid, anyone are not officially coordinated visit, Szijjártó on the eve of the PACE session in Uzhgorod speaks volumes. Minister of foreign Affairs of Romania to prepare for the trip to Chernivtsi. There is no doubt that the parade of the outskirts of the former Ukraine after the Crimea and Donbass will continue. Not because of the multinational Soviet Republic to do a hard ethnocracy without loss of regions with different identities.

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