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Saturday, March 24, 2018

In the Himalayas found a unique sculpture in the early middle Ages

Working in the Himalayas for Russian-Indian expedition under the leadership of corresponding member of RAS Natalia polosmak found in the province of Kashmir two ritual complex located on the territory of stone figures stone riders. The sculptures dated to the early middle Ages, have several unique features, said the Deputy Director of the Institute of archaeology and Ethnography Vyacheslav Molodin.

photo: archaeology.nsc.ru

The specialist said that an international expedition working in India for three years, and the recent year has been the most productive. Traces of a population, which until recently was not known absolutely nothing, was discovered in the difficult area of the Himalayas on the border of India and Pakistan. Two ritual complex located high up in the mountains, so to be there was not easy, said the expert.

As told by the experts, they have found a stone about two hundred horsemen, sometimes sculpture depicts two, three or even four people sitting on one horse. It is assumed that the sculptures may be relevant to certain mysteries and myths, about which scientists as yet unknown. It is also noted that all the sculptures are three-dimensional, richly carved and, even if made in a single style, from each other are markedly different.

To attribute the detected shape to the early middle Ages experts allowed the decorations of horses and other details. While scientists cannot yet answer the question, what is the origin of the people who settled in remote mountain areas, about two millennia ago.

Also on the site, the researchers found the sources of water and stone structures, which, apparently, have direct connections to the sculptures.

According to moledina obtained during the expedition, the results remind us that even today the countries that are considered well studied, it is still possible to find very unusual places.

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