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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Duma discussed the introduction of a progressive tax on citizens

Duma votes of the faction “United Russia” once again rejected all the initiatives of the Communist party, LDPR and “just Russia” about returning to a progressive scale of taxation of income. “you’ll see, in 2018, the newly elected President will suggest a progressive tax!” — predicted the Duma opposition. United Russia such a scenario is to exclude could not.

photo: Alex geldings

The draft laws proposing to introduce a progressive scale instead of operating in Russia since 2002 is flat (13%), were brought in the state Duma repeatedly and the accumulation of the Duma was rejected by the majority. Recently, in Okhotny Ryad, it was decided to compulsorily considered during the current session of the four most important to each faction of the initiative and the leadership of the Communist party, LDPR and “just Russia” considered the priority above all these, tax.

Alternatives discussed October 12, characterized mainly by the numbers. The Communist Nikolay Arefyev called the proposal of the Communist party “gentle”: income is up to 400 thousand rubles a month — the current rate of 13%, the maximum rate of 50% when income over 1 million roubles a month. The crisis in the country, not enough money, “greed must be stopped”, the people waiting said the Deputy.

Anton Gorelkin (“ER”) asked the Communists, not for you they offer a rate of 13% for incomes up to 400 thousand rubles a month to under a higher rate did not get parliamentary salary. “These salaries we have and the Ministers, and subjects of the economic activity. We took 400 thousand as most the average salary of the middle class,” misty replied Mr. Aref.

Sergey Katasonov (LDPR) has listed some countries which also have the flat rate personal income tax: Jersey, Jamaica, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Iraq, Slovakia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan. But there is, in his words, “there is no such separation between rich and poor and the number of oligarchs in Russia”. Up to 180 thousand rubles per year (15 thousand per month), the liberal democratic party want to make non-taxable minimum and not charge such income nothing at all; with those in a year receives no more than 2.4 million rubles, to take the current 13%. The maximum rate (70%) provided income for more than 100 million rubles per year.

Spravoross Oleg Nilov proposed to retain the current rate of 13% for those receiving up to 5 million rubles per year, and the highest rate (28%) be introduced for those whose income is up to 100 times more. According to him, “in twenty countries, where Russia remains the exception to the rule, 28% sometimes just the beginning of the progression.”

Group spravorossov (on their behalf were made by Valery Hartung) wanted to introduce a progressive scale of income from 24 million rubles a year. “It will affect, except that the top managers of large companies and a few people in this room, including me. I think it’s fair,” said Mr. Hartung.

On behalf of the Committee on budget and taxes, which proposed to reject all of these initiatives, was made by its head Andrey Makarov (“ER”). His arguments coincide with the arguments set out in the conclusions of the audit chamber and the government. Now a tax agent, remitting tax to the budget is the employer, and in the case of a return to a progressive scale of every citizen to become a taxpayer and to annually report to the tax office with the Declaration. As a consequence, possible long queues, problems with administration and the need to increase staff on. Take also the maximum “Abramovich” will fail, including because of the great oligarchs of legal services, who will find a way to minimize payments to the budget. Mr. Makarov called the flat scale is one of the few advantages of the Russian tax system. Recalling, however, the words of President Putin that it is “not a panacea and is not forever.”

“Trust my instinct, the newly elected President in 2018, he will introduce a progressive scale of taxation! I’d like to see you!” addressed the United Russia party Nikolai Kharitonov (CPRF). “I am confident that within two years the President will bring a similar bill. And I’m glad we don’t need cheap, we need to go”, — added Mr. Katasonov.

None of United Russia did not take the liberty to say that this can not be, because there can never be.


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