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Thursday, February 22, 2018

At the behest of the Kremlin

Mr. President, twenty governors announced the resignation at own will. Do you believe? We don’t.

We were told that rejuvenate the governors, but only that the news goes Turchak, who is only 41, not an old man, far from retirement.

photo: Alex geldings

Stretching is known that, for years, struggled to hold on to the position. In their provinces there were some murders, robberies, raider — press accused the owners of the region of all mortal sins — though that.

In other countries (which we do not decree) the Governor or the Minister immediately filed to dismiss, even for a thousandth part of the charges that our like water off a duck.

And suddenly, “fly rapid succession, as the leaves fall rotten” (Pushkin). But no, the comparison is lame; it’s not the leaves fall, and branches of government; at least, bitches.

We certainly believe that the desire of resignations there. But I do not believe that this is the Governor’s desire. Why? Can’t statesman to tired to fulfill conjugal obligations to his province?

Can. But at the same time twenty no.

It seems, Mr. President that’s not them, but your own desire. Note: there is no contradiction here. It would — they would have resisted, gave b a press conference, saying that persecuting me, slandered! come on, people, stand up, well you chose me.

Fortunately, there are no riots, demonstrations. The people who “chose” the Governor, indifferently watching his sudden desertion. Yes, if people suddenly on their own throws, the scope of work, and even in combat this time (before the elections six months) — he is a deserter.

But the contradictions again, no, Mr. President, because as soon as you Express your own desire, it at the same moment, it becomes his own desire of governors. This is absolutely fabulous merge: by magic, in my volition.

Of course in the tale (as always) more honest than in real life: first pike you receive the command, and then the man wanting. And for that, for the appropriate and voluntary immediate volition as if by magic — the award. In a fairy tale — self-propelled furnace bath and a king’s daughter. But life poziadavka the resignation of the governors so that any daughters they will not save enough (we are not a Sultanate, alas). So — order. For services to the Fatherland appropriate degree…

And here’s the question: if all the years they worked well for them, well they blew the wind with the vertical? But if I suddenly found that worked poorly (so poorly that I have to immediately drive), what else can order? for that you are parked on a warm, hearty polybismaleimide place?

People really want to hear your answers to these questions. To hear wise explanation of domestic paradoxes. So if you have the desire to explain — will listen with great interest. And not — trusting people and so will cost.


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