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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

On Jupiter ufologists noticed a “UFO”, reminiscent of a cigar

Looking at the surface of Saturn’s moon called IO, ufologists noticed a “cigar-shaped UFO”. The mysterious object was immediately declared a spacecraft of the aliens, coincidentally flying over IO at the same time as the companion of the earth, who made the photo in 2000.

photo: pixabay.com

IO — one of the four largest satellites of Saturn (also known as Galilean). According to several media, the UFO was discovered near the mountain on the surface of a celestial body. When you look at the feels as though a freely hovering over the surface of IO. The self-proclaimed experts reject the suggestion that in fact “spaceship” can be a part of the same mountain, which in an unusual way in sunlight.

Informed ufologists likewise saw “the wreckage of a UFO” on the moon of another gas giant Saturn. Looking at the pictures of the heavenly bodies called Epithema, “hunter aliens” notice the shape, in which at desire it is possible to see the rounded upper part and housing a “flying saucer” aliens. Traces of alien visits ufologists regularly find almost any celestial body in the Solar system, but more often in pseudo-scientific news of this kind are Mars and Moon — apparently because of the surface and the orbits of these space objects was made the maximum number of images, and it opens additional room for imagination. However, almost always pretty obvious that “space ships”, “underground base” or other traces of the presence of aliens are only the stones of unusual shape or shadow.

Representatives of NASA and other space agencies rarely comment on reports spread by ufologists, and the latter tend to explain it by secret conspiracy of world elites with aliens. Scholars themselves explain this by the fact that such comments simply would have attracted unwanted attention to the already unworthy of his subject.

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