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Friday, February 16, 2018

Jumping gubernatorial candidates from the cliff: “the Hour of shame, then post”

The last time the President changes the governors as gloves. Governors, as you might guess, about it nervous. Acting puzzled as to remain at the helm, the potential — as to this wheel to swing.

And what I do for a coveted chair! A video in which Governor famously whitefish with a seven-meter cliff in the small mountain river in a matter of hours, became an Internet hit.

photo: pixabay.com

In astonishment looking at bureaucratic exploits, the people wondered: why potential leaders of the regions to prove their professionalism and competence such an extravagant way?

Soon came the answer — it turns out that the video captures the training for top management personnel reserve, held in early October on Agur waterfalls near Sochi. In the training, in addition to educational programs, the officials pass and rafting down the river, and jumping from the cliff, and participate in other extreme entertainments. As explained by the developer of the training, such events improve teamwork, increase stress, raise leadership qualities.

The organizers also assured MK that no one is forced to jump into the river and rafting on it is not forced, they say, it’s up, do you want to improve the teamwork skills is not perfect. However, it is clear that a person seeking to occupy the Governor’s or anything in a high chair, hardly wants to prove himself a coward and a wuss. Tighten a protruding stomach, closed his eyes, and he was not! — hatchet in the water. As they say, one hour of shame (in this case nightmare) — but then high position for a long time. A bruised foot heal a cold will get better…

Courage, course, takes, but it always seemed to me that the task of the state official, the Governor in particular, not to take the city, and to create, to improve, to develop. Courage and determination, of course, in any case it will be useful, but much more important, in my opinion, prudence, balance and a sober assessment of their capabilities. That is exactly what on the training of officials is to temporarily forget.

Well, if temporarily. Somehow don’t want the country led officials extreme. We do extreme in life and enough…

If I were a developer of bureaucratic curriculum, I would have included lessons on corruption resistance. For example, such a quest comes to a potential candidate into a room where he no soul. Only a suitcase full of green bills. In the room “hints” — button type “disable cameras”, and tables — for example, “a safe path to offshore”. If the candidate within one hour will stand and will not use neither the one nor the other, come to him specially trained people and offer to take the envelope. Or at least a basket of sausage.

Who will stand the test and will not come off with the mind, we can safely assign to a very high position. With the condition in the future to undergo such trainings regularly.

A jump off the cliff — is simple enough. In the case of public service pretty useless.

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