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Monday, November 20, 2017

Revealed unexpected secrets sexual attraction

The American researcher Eric Hazeltine found that the sexual desires of man manages a huge number of subconscious factors is often far from obvious. In particular, the desire to have sex with a potential partner rather intricate way depends on its smell.

photo: pixabay.com

The first factor affecting sexual desire, the announced symmetry of the face and body — it is perceived as a sign of health and good genes. The specialists discovered that people (especially women) were able to subconsciously determine whether a symmetrical human face, the smell of his t-shirt. Yet researchers find it difficult to answer the question of what biochemical reactions might be behind this.

Also, experts noted that a person often sees a potential sexual partner in a relatively recent acquaintances than the people with whom he grew up — in this case, on a subconscious level, a key role is played by sight and smell. Under the people with whom the person grew up together, in this case, means not relatives of that person for one reason or another since childhood, shared living room.

However, evolution in humans and the mechanism that helps him to avoid closely related — in some way possible sexual partners may feel the similarity of their DNA by the smell and taste of saliva while kissing.

People are also constantly trying to “smell” any evidence to learn about the state of health of the partner, trying to catch the smells are typical of a bacterial infection. Of all these factors, this can be called the most explored and most likely the oldest animals are also trying to choose healthy partners, focusing on the smell.

Finally, the sense of smell, according to the scientist is able to subconscious to tell the man about some of the traits of another person, and even help you recognize someone close to you in spirit. If similar genes repel people, like the idea of opposite attract.

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