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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Deciphered an ancient text about the Trojan war and the mysterious “people of the sea”

Scientists have figured out what tells a stone tablet that appeared 3,200 years ago and discovered in Western Turkey in the nineteenth century. As it turned out, we will be talking about the first Trojan war, the fall of the Hittite Empire, as well as the mysterious power, referred to as “peoples of the sea”. Probably, the new data will allow to obtain some answers to questions relating to the Bronze age.

photo: pixabay.com

Plate with a length of about 29 meters, the original of which was discovered in 1878, were written in the Luwian language, to decipher which today, according to some estimates, only about twenty specialists. Moreover, the original plates were destroyed and used as stones for the Foundation, and the manuscript, which was a part of the transcript, is a “copy of a copy” made by professional scientists, but in the past almost lost.

As it turned out, the sign is telling us about the heyday of the ancient Kingdom called the World and launched her military campaign, headed by the Prince named Mucus from Troy. And the World, and Troy (one of the names which sounded like “Wilusa” was located on the territory of modern Turkey. The events described span several generations. In particular, it describes how the World in which the king rules, Masitas, took control of the city of Troy, and first ruled her king Valmus was deposed, and then reinstated in exchange for devotion to the World. After Asuitcase ascended the throne of his son Quantachrome again took Troy under control and does not become a real king, proclaimed himself her “experience” and requested that future rulers “to store it as securely as the great king of the Worlds”, that is, himself. The inscription describes the Trojan Prince of Mukasa, who led the naval expedition, succeeded in capturing the city of Ashkelon on the territory of modern Israel.

Finally, the plate appears so-calledpeople of the sea” or “sea people” — a mysterious group of people whose raids devastated Ancient Egypt, Crete, Mycenaean Greece and the Hittite Kingdom, in what, presumably, was provoked kulturny crisis of that period.

Scientific work devoted to obtained by experts the results were accepted for publication by the journal Proceedings of the Dutch Archaeological and Historical Society.

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