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Friday, January 19, 2018

Why Navalny Catalonia: the West blogger considered an agent of Putin

Russia is once again to blame to the West. This time that affected the outcome of the referendum on secession of Catalonia from Spain.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo wrote: “Russian machine increased the power of their work in the hours preceding the referendum in order to deepen the split in Spain and the European Union”. Other media picked up and supplying “evidence”, most of which is ridiculous for even the most undemanding audience. For example, that Russia could participate in the financing of the Catalan referendum. And most importantly “convincing proof” literally sounds so: “the recorded growth of activity associated with the Kremlin and Putin Twitter users.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

C a purely statistical point of view, the accusers Russia seems to be right. Of course, the Catalan referendum debate has been rather intense our network community. In the discussions held, the meridians and Parallels with a referendum in the Crimea, and the future of the breakaway of Catalonia centered on the fate of Donbass. Was dominated by the view that “the Catalans — well done”, “keep it up”, “long live freedom”. It is natural for our network community, which welcomes any “action” and is ready to support all those who disagree. Of course, when any part of the world the event occurs, then this point, say and write much more than when there was nothing happening.

But what is our internal discussion relates to the results of the vote in Barcelona and the surrounding area? Surely El Mundo, the experts actually believe that the Catalans in the fateful moments had nothing better to do, like read the posts of the Russians on Twitter and fluently translate them from Russian into Spanish or Catalan?

And especially the “convincing” statement of activity of bloggers associated with the Kremlin and Putin. For example, Catalonia has utoptala Alexei Navalny. On Facebook he wrote: “are You for Catalonia-don’t worry. There’s even the police now and uses violence against the organizers of the referendum, but a referendum conducted by the local government, that is the real elected mayors, the Governor and regional Parliament. So all will have them in the order in Catalonia. Saint Petersburg is much closer than the Canary Islands, and it is not something that a referendum is impossible, and officials bluntly declared that they are above the law, Constitution, courts and common sense.”

So. If I, in principle, without any context, someone might say that Navalny is associated with the Kremlin and Putin, I will be very surprised. If you try to explain that this post is the order of Moscow to influence events in Spain, just wagged his finger at his temple.

So, why does Europe believe in these crazy accusations? Ask about it at the analyst, Vice-President of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin.

“Distrust between Russia and the EU is high enough to ensure that the General public believed in any new charges, he said. — Russia is constantly suspected of intrigue, conspiracies and interventions in the internal Affairs of Western countries. We tried to “hang” even interference in Brickset. Nobody proved, but here, as in the joke: “the Spoon then found, but the precipitate remained”.

By the way, from charges of meddling in American elections, the Kremlin can not escape, although the only fact, which can hang on the hapless prosecutors, again lies in the social networks. Talking about St. Petersburg “Factory trolls”, who conducted Internet research on American audiences during the election campaign in the United States. 3 was made 300 posts in English that have moved 470 accounts. In most of the messages does mention Clinton and trump. All in all spent $100 thousand dollars. Now the results of the study using managers Internet advertising.

But the US is still someone thinks that their President could choose from abroad for such a cheap amount. In the framework of the parliamentary inquiry, on 1 November, the representatives of Facebook, together with colleagues from Twitter and Google will testify before Congress, and on 2 October the administration of Facebook has already provided to the Congress a report on the ongoing Network promotions political advertising, presumably ordered in Russia. The total volume hits 10 million. It is not enough for political manipulation on a global scale…

According to Makarkin, serious politicians understand that Russia can not, and most importantly — did not want to interfere in the internal Affairs neither the US nor Britain, nor even in the conflict between Spain and Catalonia.

“Western politicians, of course, know that the official Moscow does not support the separation of Catalonia, and I understand why: today on fire is your neighbor, and tomorrow fire could be your own. Russia itself faced with the problem of separatism in the nineties and realize that a bad example can be dangerous,” he said.

That is why the Russian foreign Ministry even during the referendum in Catalonia, said that this event is an internal affair of Spain, and the conflict must be resolved according to Spanish law. And the official Madrid thanked Russia for its understanding and balanced position. And on Tuesday Vladimir Putin expressed the hope that the Catalan crisis will be peacefully overcome, the government of Spain.

But this “professional critics” of Russia chose not to notice. Western technology once again used this technique as a substitution: quoting Russian screamers from social networks, suggesting that they associated with the Kremlin, and giving their opinion is the official position of Russia.

To the rhetorical question of why they need the West, it is difficult to give an original answer. Policy is advantageous to blame their problems and punctures some external enemy. And who: not Andorra?.. Large problems must be to blame biggest enemy. We, too, are their troubles not blame anybody, but US and EU.

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