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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ufologists predict alien invasion in the near December

A number of media with reference to the UFO reports that the Earth is rapidly approaching hundreds of space ships of aliens. It is argued that previously to our planet sought twice a UFO with aliens on Board, but later part of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations changed its route.

photo: pixabay.com

According to ufologists, the spaceships, the area of the largest of which can reach four thousand square meters, reach the Ground in October. The “separation” space fleet of aliens, the authors are inclined to believe the “deceptive maneuver” intended to introduce earthlings astray.

News from the self-proclaimed experts concerning alien civilizations, appear on the Internet very often. However, many ufologists claim that aliens do not approach the Earth, and has long settled on earth and built bases on the moon and Mars. As evidence of the photographs and footage research Rovers, which with a little imagination you can “see” spaceships, aliens or traces of their activities. As a rule, in fact pretty obvious

However, all this doesn’t stop some conspiracy theorists go further and argue that the world’s space agencies know about aliens, but deliberately hide information about them, or even cooperating with them is not in the interests of other earthlings.

While serious scholars almost unanimously consider that, in reality, the earthlings can hardly wait for the visit of aliens — even hypothetical future technology, if they do not violate the fundamental laws of nature known to mankind, will not make such flights fast enough. So even if alien civilizations exist (which, given the huge number of earth-like planets in the Universe, many experts do not rule out), for contact with humans, they are, in all likelihood, would have chosen a more convenient contact method than a “personal” visit to the planet.

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