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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Physics was first held medkontinentalno “teleportation”

Satellite quantum communication Mo Tzu was first applied by experts from China and Austria to conduct the session is a secure session conferencing via quantum teleportation. Although this phenomenon is a phenomenon less fantastic than one can imagine by its name, experts believe that advances in this direction are of great importance for the progress of mankind.

photo: pixabay.com

Quantum teleportation is not too much like teleportation in the sense in which that word is commonly used in science fiction books and forms. It implies no instantaneous movement over a long distance of matter or even energy, but only change the state of one particle under the influence of another due to a phenomenon called “quantum entanglement”. To make such a process possible, physics special way to “link” two particles together, then as one of them begins to depend on the state of the other, even if they subsequently find themselves at a great distance from each other. For quite some time, experts assumed that this phenomenon can be used to create communication channels that are impossible to listen to, but for a long time it remained solely a theoretical assumption.

The world’s first quantum communication satellite, named after an ancient Chinese philosopher and scholar Mo Tzu, was launched last year. In the past the team was able to successfully transfer information about the state of the particle orbit, i.e. at a distance of about 1,200 kilometers. This time with the help of satellites, scientists have linked two points on the Earth’s surface located at the same distance from each other.

The researchers hope that in the future their findings will apply to be perfected technology EN masse and even to create with it a kind of “quantum Internet.” Previously, different countries have carried out experiments on creation of systems of quantum communication, but to make them truly global with the use of current technologies was not possible because the light is fading while moving through the fiber.

“Mo-TSE” several times at the center of various conspiracy theories, has no scientific basis, but professional scientists are rumors of this kind are simply ignored.

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