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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ufologists saw “UFO wreckage” on Saturn’s moon

Looking at the pictures of Saturn’s moon Epitemia published on the website of the American space Agency NASA, ufologists have discovered a mysterious shape resembling the wreckage of a spacecraft of the aliens. As stated on the picture you can see the rounded top and the body of the UFO, where aliens visited the moon.

photo: pixabay.com

Internet quite often get news from dubious sources claiming about UFOs or any other traces of alien life beyond Earth. This often self-proclaimed experts say that the world’s space agencies have long been aware of the alien visits, but for one reason or another, deliberately ignore this information.

Most often in the news such are the Moon and Mars, however, from time to time, the traces “the visit of aliens” or any other mysterious phenomena, ufologists find on other planets or satellites. Almost always pretty obvious that in fact alien spaceships, or alien animals are in fact just stones or shadows, unusual shape, however with a certain amount of imagination appears in them can “see” something more interesting — corresponding to the visual illusion is called pareidolia.

photo: twitter.com

Lately the moons of Saturn remain in the spotlight not only of the self-proclaimed experts on extraterrestrial civilizations, but serious scientists. In particular, recently it became clear that the unusual brown stripes on a satellite called Tafia gradually increase in size. Shortly before this in orbit of a gas giant was discovered an unusual object in the opinion of some astronomers, it formed a moon of Saturn called Peggy, first spotted in 2014, the British scientist Charles Murray. In both cases, the scientists helped the images obtained by spacecraft “Cassini”, recently concluded more than twenty years of the mission.


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