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Friday, March 23, 2018

The municipal Governor without filter: the CEC discussed the possibility of changes

Haven’t even started the presidential campaign, but experts are already thinking about who will be able to go to governors in the future September in the first Single voting day when the newly elected master of the Kremlin. I dream to gubernatorial elections were ostrokonechniki.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

To the question about what prevents this still, you can go hard or easy. A simple solution, as expected, lies on the surface: prevents municipal filter through which to election are not allowed a real regional authority, dangerous rivals to the acting head of the region or acting Governor. So, last September, was unable to stand as candidates in the regions, Yevgeny Roizman, a number of other bright charismatic.

The theme of the reform of the municipal filter has become a key to the big meeting of the Central election Commission with the regional commissions, parties and experts. The meeting was held on Thursday, and after about a decade of General proposals will be the daddy in the presidential Administration. Round table in this format (with a length from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m.) CEC head Ella Pamfilova holds the second time. The practical result of the first, held in 2016, was the abolition of absentee ballots the opportunity to vote on any part of the country. September 10 this amendment to the legislation has already used 230 thousand voters in 20 regions.

If the municipal filter to remain unchanged, and assume that the “United Russia” will go quite a definite recommendation for action to overcome it, for example, in the capital can only the candidates recommended by the government. The democratic coalition of their municipal deputies physically enough to promote their candidate, but they lack geographical indication (requires representation in 110 municipalities, but there it is only seven tens). The Communists, the socialist party and the liberal democratic party do not have even a simple quantity. Only the “United Russia” define a filter and in St. Petersburg. Therefore, this restrictive measure has long been called no filter, and the “municipal cap”.

To avoid her is impossible, and this means that the question of which one of alternative candidates to admit to participation in the campaign, will be resolved only at the top and “United Russia”. Recall that before the election of the Moscow mayor in 2013, the ruling party decided to sacrifice their votes for five candidates, but all left with a feeling of unease. Evil tongues say that “EP” put up six candidates.

Immediately answer the question: will the legislators to the next uniform day of voting to change the law? After all, it used to be that if the election is less than a year, it is impossible to change the rules. As explained by a former CEC member and current head of the Public Institute of electoral law Igor Borisov, if you want time. Indeed, until 2012, Russia has generally adhered to international norms that a year before the campaign to rule the law anymore. But time has made some changes and now dominates the domestic norm: changes can be made before the start of the campaign. That is, in our case until June. So for a hundred days before the single voting day was changed eligibility requirements as part of the “nationalization of the elite” in 2013 and in 2014 changed the recruitment system of the Moscow city Duma.

But despite the opportunity to cancel the “municipal cap” will be harder than absentee. Because the question about the latest parties, experts and the CEC was unanimous, but the filter all look different and consent is not visible.

In the course of a dispute with the CEC, the representative of the Communist party, Deputy of the state Duma Yury Afonin has proposed to abolish the municipal collection of signatures for parliamentary parties: “We can nominate a presidential candidate without any signatures, and the governors there. Why?” For other candidates, in his opinion, the filter should stay.

SR Oleg Nilov considers that it is necessary to cancel in full: “the Municipal authorities and the state are two different branches. And the Governor is the part of the government. Why should they mix? It’s as if Zenit asked to participate in the Champions League coaches of children’s schools “Spartacus” and “Dynamo”.

The liberal Democrats believe that the problem will be solved if the team will be allowed to hand over the signatures to several candidates.

The only Deputy of the state Duma from the “Civic platform” Rifat Shaikhutdinov holds the view that his party should equate to a full parliamentary and filter for it to cancel, and for “no spoilers” keep still tight. And the United Russia party member Vladimir burmatov oppression of their party line: “Pass the municipal filter, no one is working. Actively participate in municipal elections, may you have many members, and they will provide your candidate for Governor participating in the election. To cancel the filter for the parliamentary parties will be unfair to non-parliamentary. And to abolish it for all parties unfair to those who are actively working in the field.”

However, to solve the issue of the modernization of the filter will still not Burmatov and “ER” (they only vote when a question will arise in the agenda) and even CEC. And those people in the AP, which will examine all recommendations and make its own way. So the result of any possible discussion, as well as subsequent amendments to the law.

In itself “the law on filter”, in fact, does not really matter. With filter or without filter will be elected Governor in any case, the President at his discretion can accept his resignation (or to Express disbelief) and assign to it the place of his acting honorary Governor’s responsibility. And here in this situation to ensure the competitive power upgrade, the question is not simple, but complex.

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