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Sunday, February 18, 2018

In the Moscow city Duma, United Russia revealed the truth about the victory in the municipal elections

Public Advisory Council of political parties under the Moscow city Duma summed up the results of municipal elections held in the capital on September 10. The situation among the winners from the opposition parties has changed dramatically: for example, Apple increased its representation in the districts in 8 times, but the Communists have deteriorated in four.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As said the representative of the Moscow city branch of the “Communist party” Lyubov Nikitina, 125 municipal Assembly claimed 7513 people, but mandates only got 1502 of them. The majority of traditionally, the United Russia (1153 or 76,83%). In second place was swiftly claimed by the representatives of the party “Yabloko”, which received 177 or 11,72% of the seats in the 51 district. In past elections, Yabloko among munipov was only 24. “An impressive result” — praised colleagues Nikitin. in third place — the independent candidates, who took 108 seats (7,2%). The Communist party was only in fourth place with 44 seats in the areas, although nominated 1318 candidates. In the last election won 203 Communist. As a result, today the Communist party is only 2.9% of the seats in Metropolitan areas. But this is still not the worst result. For example, from the party “Fair Russia” has won only 10 of 521 candidates nominated. But in the last election won 124 of spravedlivorossov. The result — reduction mission 12 times. From the liberal democratic party izbrati and all 4 people (the last time it was 25). In addition, 5 seats were won by the representatives of the party of Growth, 2 — Parnassus. The average winning age — 30-50 years.

In General, the composition of the Metropolitan municipal Assembly is made up of 68%. Just without the “United Russia” turned out to be 8 districts of Moscow (among them — traditionally in opposition to the Gagarinskiy, Lomonosovsky and Ostankino). After the elections the courts were filed 532 complaints.

Yesterday, representatives of political parties called the main problems of the election campaign. The main ones — low voter turnout, not even reaching up to 15%, which was solely the result of poor awareness of the population about the elections. By the way, this mothersurname even got reprimanded by the CEC. In addition, opposition candidates often complained that their agitmaterial everywhere destroyed (even it is estimated that the disposal process took an average of 2-4 hours). Another important point: in some areas they took and changed the usual constituents address the vote, and many simply could not find new parts. And the city Day, which took place in one day with elections have done their job: people prefer to have fun, and not to vote.

Complained about the candidates and the widespread presence of spoilers-namesakes. “From our candidate was the hero of Russia, cosmonaut Nefedov. He was forbidden to mention in the leaflets about the title character, and the plot was registered to his namesake,” — said representatives of the party of pensioners. Representatives of Yabloko noted the fact that shortly before the elections in the capital, the Electoral Code was amended, which allowed the districts to make a summary of the posters for the elections at their discretion. And nearly all of the districts decided to do these posters without photos of the candidates. “I won those who went ODD from door to door”, — said Yablochkina Elena Morozova. According to Morozova, there were many violations and with home — based vote- the recorded facts, when the Muscovites are in the service of the workers, came to the ballot boxes in the house, although none of these urns did not expect. In addition, in Moscow were closed polling stations, which prevented the opposition parties from campaigning — often they were located in nursing homes.

Meanwhile, the representative of the party “United Russia” Vladimir Chibirev revealed the secret of the victory of the party members: “All the positive aspects of the implementation of roads, houses, health care reform is often associated with the work of our party”.


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