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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Videoconferencing is waiting for a strong hand: who will lead the military space forces

For the position of commander in chief, VKS RF, after Tuesday she was released by Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev, according to sources “MK”, there are three main candidates: the commander of the Space forces Colonel-General Alexander Golovko, chief of the General staff, Chairman of the Scientific-technical Council of the Ministry of defense Lieutenant-General Igor Makushev and commander of the Eastern military district Colonel-General Sergey Surovikin.

The candidate on a post of the commander of the HQs of the Russian Federation Sergey Surovikin. Photo: 42msd.livejournal

At the moment, acting commander of the VKS is Lieutenant General Paul Kurylenko — first Deputy commander of the VKS. It, according to “MK”, is also considered as a successor. However, the main candidate is considered, oddly enough, it was Sergei Surovikin.

If his appointment is held, it will be a sensation: military General — commander of the VKS — this has not happened in the history of modern Russia. Note, however, that the Surovikin is considered one of the most experienced and combat generals. He commanded not only the district, but our military presence in Syria, where exactly he gained experience managing heterogeneous forces, when in a single, integrated system were combined and cosmic force, and air defense means, and aircraft, and various ground structures.

And here I would like to remind you that such — when the commander assigned to non-core rod or in the form of troops — as a rule, say that in this structure are required to restore order. And it must be done by man, not burdened with service and friendship relations in this kind, or the kind of forces and capable of existing problems to look at a fresh and focused look.

So, in 1987, after a high-profile history with the flight and landing German pilot Mathias rust on red square, the army underwent a major restructuring event. Then the commander of air defense was assigned to army General Ivan Moiseevich Tretyak — an outstanding military commander, however, had no relation to defense. His army was remembered as a person engaged in the development of military towns across the country that proved to be very useful for the military defense, though, and had no direct relation to the tasks of combat training.

But now, when the combat training tasks are in priority, candidate for the post of commander of the VKS, according to our sources, considered solely from these positions. And here about other candidates, too, speak as an exceptionally distinguished military leaders.

Lieutenant-General Igor Makushev passed all the required stages of career ladder from simple fighter pilot to Deputy commander of the air army. In 1985, he graduated from the Chernigov higher military aviation school of pilots and in 2006 the General staff Academy. He’s a pilot-sniper and has logged over 3000 hours. Many remember him at the press conferences of the military Department in 2014 where he represented the materials of the Ministry of defense, relating to the death of the Malaysian Boeing 777 over Ukraine.

Another candidate for commander — Colonel-General Alexander Golovko — in 2003 graduated from the General staff Academy. Service passed in posts of the engineer Department, the head of the station, the company commander, head of Department, head of Department at the Main centre of tests and management of space means named after G. S. Titov, the commander of the Space forces.


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