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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The experts behind the chemical attacks in Syria are the militants

On September 26, the foreign Ministry said that Moscow has information about the use of chemical weapons by terrorists against civilians in the village of Khan Sheyhun. Recall that on 4 April 2017 in the settlement of Khan Sheyhun Idlib province was a chemical attack, which was quick to blame government forces. On the night of 6 to 7 April, the US launched a missile attack on the government airfield shirt, arguing that they have irrefutable evidence that it was here that flew the planes that dropped the alleged sarin filled bombs. However, such hasty conclusions and actions unwelcome coalition in April had many questions.

Recall the background. At the end of March-beginning of April 2017, the Syrian army repulsed the attack on the city of Hama, launched a counteroffensive in the province of Idlib. In early April government forces came within 15 kilometers from the village of Khan Sheyhun. In the vicinity of the settlement, according to intelligence reports, was located the command post group, part of the “Front EN-Nusra”, which was the target of the Syrian air force. The village itself is located on the road of Hama-Idlib, in the village centre, a hill of tel Khan Sheyhun. No military installations and concentrations of enemy manpower in the village was not.

In the morning of 4 April 2017, the Syrian air force airstrike in the Khan of Sheyhun. According to local residents, about 8 in the morning they heard the roar of planes down in the basement. After a while, rising to the surface, they learned about the chemical attack. According to them, affected by it lived in houses that belonged to the same hill in the centre of the village from the North.

Very quickly in place of a chemical attack were the representatives of the “White helmets”. It remains to marvel at the courage of these people – practically without means of chemical protection the representatives of this organization has saved people affected by the alleged use of sarin. In the first days after the attack, information about what a substance is greatly varied. Someone called sarin, chlorine, somewhere in the messages met the word mustard. This inconsistency raises many questions, though, because all these substances have different effects on the body. Sarin — nerve gas. Mustard gas (aka mustard gas) blister action. Accordingly, the people after the defeat of these substances look completely different. By the way, in 2014 the Syrian leadership said that all chemical warfare agents were transferred to the international Commission for disposal.

“MK” talked to by Igor Dimitriev, reporter Anna-news. At the time he was in Syria and did their own investigation about the use of chemical warfare agents in Khan Sheyhun. He drew attention to several interesting points. First, according to intelligence in addition to command center, three kilometers from the village in the mountain range, was located the hospital of the insurgents. About a month before the attack organization “White helmets” was brought back chemical protection kits and provided training on the use of what he said on his Facebook page. Second, at the same time the representative of the Syrian Ministry of defense made a statement on possible provocations in the area with the use of chemical weapons. The representative of the Ministry said that they received intelligence that the militants of the party came to nerve gas. 4 APR after the airstrike ( and the target of the air strike could only be the command post), the villagers learned about the victims of a chemical attack. It is noteworthy that from the command post of rebels, to a hill on the North side which was affected, about 2 kilometers, so the pointing error can be eliminated. Igor said that on the hill no residential development, and the hospital of militants is from him three kilometres, therefore, make sense to bomb land within the settlement of the Syrian air force was not.

Oleg Blokhin, a reporter for Anna News, who also worked in Syria told “MK” that one of the leaders of the Syrian opposition Muhammad Alloush on Twitter the day before the attack recommended not to bury the bodies of the dead after exposure to that toxic substance. And after netizens asked where he got information about the impending chemical attack and type of toxic substances, Allys post deleted.

Also confused Oleg and the fact that the victims were lucky not to the nearest hospital and 10 kilometers from the scene of the attack. “Once in Aleppo we shot the action of chemical substances on people. In its action it is similar to an epileptic seizure on camera it looks scary, but standing is not amazing, so we were working without any protection. And if you look at the shots in Khan Sheyhun, people also convulse — the effect is the same”, – he said. Later the Turks announced that Khan Sheyhun used sarin. Surprisingly, the rescuers from the organization “White helmets” managed on the camera to make the people affected by the actions of nerve gas, artificial respiration and stay alive after that.

From these data it follows that the chemical attack was well planned in advance by militants. Its aim was to delay the rapid advance of the Syrian army in the province, and at the same time and try to discredit government forces.

Help “MK”

Sarin is an extremely toxic substance. Sarin enters the body through inhalation of its vapours, the skin, through the mucous membranes of the body. It is absorbed by clothing designs and may linger long in them, causing poisoning. In liquid form, sarin can find on the ground for several days, and in the form of vapor — about a day, depending on weather conditions — the hotter, the longer it loses its toxic properties. To protect against use of sarin gas masks and chemical protection.

Topic: CIA Director: There is evidence of use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime on 4 April


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