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Friday, February 23, 2018

The DPRK is ready to detonate a hydrogen bomb

The US President Donald trump, who devoted much of his debut speech at the UN to the North Korean problem, it seems, has made her the main direction of its foreign policy. In his latest statement on this account, the us leader stressed that his country is fully ready for a military resolution of the crisis on the Korean Peninsula. These threats, however, had not a sedative effect. According to South Korean sources, in the near future Pyongyang may again test thermonuclear bomb. But if this will not take place until the end of September, beginning of October, the world should prepare for the next North Korean test missile or nuclear.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Speaking about the problem of North Korea trump said that a military solution is not preferred. However, the United States have the capability to implement this scenario, said the American leader.

Some sources in South Korea, in turn, said that their neighbors to the North in the near future will hold a new challenge.

It is worth noting that these South Korean media about the DPRK is often not true. We can recall countless news from Seoul about how Kim Jong UN allegedly executed his companions and relatives of the grenade launcher, gave to the mercy of dogs, etc.. Although the North Korean regime and gained fame of the most humane in the world, such an odious message, as a rule, confirmation is not found. Experts agree on one thing Korean studies in South Korea are struggling to demonize the regime’s neighbors to justify a possible attack by Pyongyang. The script itself, by the way, regularly honed to joint us-South Korean exercises.

However, the threat of a new test by North Korea is very real. In 2017, Pyongyang conducted a number of missile launches (including the launch of an Intercontinental missile), but have experienced 3 Sep hydrogen (thermonuclear) bomb. It is like say in North Korea, can be placed on the booster. On successful thermonuclear test of Pyongyang reported in 2016, but then the experts questioned in the received data, considering the statement of the DPRK bravado. Test in September of this year practically has left experts doubt North Korea has hydrogen weapons, and, according to Kim Jong Ynu, ready to use. Traces of very emotional speeches of Donald trump at the UN General Assembly, in which the US President promised to destroy the DPRK, the North Korean leader made a personal statement. He not only did not hesitate in expressions. but also promised to “tame it with fire”, taking “such countermeasures, which have not seen the world.”

In the tradition of the North Korean regime is Dating important military test for significant dates from the history of the country. Just two weeks later, on 10 October, the DPRK will mark the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the workers ‘ party of Korea. And I think foreign analysts, with the recent “exchange of courtesies” between trump and Kim Jong-UN, rocket launch or bomb explosion is inevitable.

However, the last word on the way to real war, obviously, still for the American leader. The North Korean authorities, despite the fact that constantly raise the degree of tension that can’t understand military conflict, of course, will hit their enemies, but the regime in North Korea will fall. Therefore, experts in the threats of Kim Jong-UN often see a veiled call for negotiations or blackmail that does not change the fact. Trump, who’s successes in domestic policy has not – almost all of his initiatives stalled, congressmen contact, he never found – in need of the proverbial “small victorious war”. The hope that these plans will not come true, gives the famous American system of “checks and balances”. Although the U.S. Congress also has no sympathy for the regime of Kim Jong-UN, yet on Capitol hill prefer to limit sanctions.

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