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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The American rapper has set out to prove that the Earth is flat

American hip-hop artist Bobby ray Simmons, better known by his stage name B. o.B, announced the collection of funds for the construction of one or more satellites, which the rapper plans to prove that the Earth is flat. The performer also recorded a video message to those who share his idea.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

In the past the rapper has already spoken with the statement that the Earth is flat, and the “confirmation” that showed their own photos in which the horizon is not bent, although, according to Simmons, would be, whether the planet is spherical. Now, however, he went ahead and decided to prove his position experimentally.

To start such a “project” rapper has inspired a number of messages written by Twitter users. First, the user John Binning wrote that “I would like to see a show where people who think the Earth is flat trying to find her edge.” Another user, Tim Pastoor, commented on the tweet, writing: “They always ask about the experiment that could be conducted independently, so here it is: collect money on a satellite and send it to search the ends of the Earth”. Simons found that it is really a good idea, and announced the collection of funds. While he, however, managed to collect only about $ 700 of the required for the experiment 200 thousand.

Previously, the rapper had made a criticism of astrophysics and is widely known popularizer of science Neil Degrasse.

According to some, with the statement that the Earth is flat, seriously I agree millions of people. Many of them are so-called “flat Earth Society”. According to the “theory” supporters of such a view of the world, the earth is a flat disc 40,000 km in diameter, centered in the North pole and the South pole is a ice wall encircling the world. The sun, Moon and stars, according to the same specific view, rotates above the surface of the earth disc. The fact that air travel in the southern hemisphere is less time than would be in accordance with the map of a flat earth, due to the conspiracy of the airlines.


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