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Sunday, February 25, 2018

On the moon and Mars found the perfect place for human life

A group of experts representing the universities of Padua and Bologna, came to the conclusion that the future colonists of the moon and Mars should settle in the caves and in the so-called “lava tubes” — tunnels under the surface of space bodies, formed by past volcanic activity. It is assumed, for people these places are the most safe.

photo: pixabay.com

Humans and other living creatures on the Land to protect quite a thick atmosphere of the planet where asteroids burn up is small, and its magnetic field, reflects harmful radiation from the Sun and from deep space. At the same time, neither Mars nor the Moon such protection to future colonizers can not provide. Partially solve this problem, the construction of bases and colonies, and not “under the open sky”, and, for example, in lava tubes formed beneath the surface when uneven ostavaysya lava gradually “frees up her space. Geological processes that could lead to the emergence of lava on the Earth’s satellite and its not a planet has also long been not happening, but the relief has traces of the processes taking place in the distant past.

Experts hope that in the future research units in orbit of the red planet Earth satellite can be used for targeted search of similar structures beneath the surface of celestial bodies with the help of radar.

On the obtained findings, the scientists said during the European Congress of planetary Sciences, held in Riga.

In the past to settle colonizers of the moon in natural “tunnels” under the moon’s surface have suggested another group of researchers. Analyzed data obtained by a Japanese spacecraft, Kaguya, and collected in the course of the American space program GRAIL, the specialists managed according to the features of the gravitational field to detect on the moon, underground tunnels. Then the experts also felt that the creation of databases inside of the tunnels would help to address a number of issues standing in the way of realization of such projects — in particular, under the surface the astronauts would be easier to protect from cosmic radiation and extreme temperatures.

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