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Monday, February 19, 2018

Municipal suffering: the Moscow councils without a majority of “ER” is happening unusual

In the Russian parliamentarism came back swearing, physical abuse and outright fraud. It showed the first days of the newly elected municipal assemblies in the capital. In the twenty-first century Russia, unaccustomed to such an element of democracy as the search for a compromise with relatively equal balance of political forces.

In the state Duma since the fourth convocation is dominated by “United Russia”, and the parliaments of lower levels formed in her image and likeness. But the situation began to change after the recent Single day of voting. United Russia lost its overwhelming majority in every fifth Metropolitan municipality. “MK” observe how was the division of portfolios (and other portfolios) in the new environment.

A meeting in Khamovniki, which has failed to discharge the deputies of the previous convocation of encouragement. Photo: social networks.

In Arbat district representatives of the EP and of the democratic coalition were evenly divided, five deputies, and to elect the Chairman of the Charter required seven votes. On elections of the President of the municipal Parliament and the head of the municipality moved the United Russia Yevgeny Babenko and Democrat Victor Doolin. About what happened next, “MK” told the Deputy of the democratic coalition Nonna Guller:

Since the votes are equal, we reported that, according to the regulations, the head of the left who was Chairman in the last convocation, — Evgeny Babenko. To perform the duties he will be three months.

— And then what?

— This is an interesting question, because this has never happened before. When three months pass we’ll see.

— And Babenko is ready to cede his place to someone else through the quarter?

Once he was nominated — so probably wants to keep the presidency for the remaining five years. Because the composition has changed a lot, Babenko believes that can provide continuity and thus create a new team. Let’s see…

It is not clear how to maintain the continuity if all the issues will vote five on five.

But on the Arbat at least five on five. In Krylatskoye was more strange situation: five to four in favor of the Democrats, but the result is the same. The vote was absent because of a business trip Deputy from United Russia Irina changers. Which, by the way, and was obliged to conduct the first meeting on the rights of the oldest of the newly elected legislators.

In practice, the role of the presiding officer first tried on the head of the territorial election Commission (non MP), then, faced with the discontent of the Democrats, he handed over the presidency of the second-highest — also the member of the EP, but in the end the initiative was intercepted by the lawyer of the former municipality of Marina Dashenkova and its immediate superior — the Deputy head of administration Alexey Ivanov.

It was a shock to all the news that as long as the new head of the municipal formation is elected by two-thirds — President will remain the head of the municipal district of the last part of Turin. Which, by the way, and a Deputy not re-elected. It will have in the regional Parliament to add the eleventh, a side chair. Ivanov referred to the current regulations of the municipality.

To get out of the absurd situation that created the Commission on the regulations, which included three United Russia and the Democrats. But the Commission never started its work because its members — the candidate in presidents of the municipality from the opposition Roman Miroshnichenko — was brutally beaten on the street. Exactly Miroshnichenko was previously nominated by the Democrats for the presidency of the Council.

Beaten the Deputy of Krylatskoye Roman Miroshnichenko. Photo: social networks.

Less brutal but even more absurd story of the voting took place in Sochi. It lasted until late at night and was conducted in several rounds, in each of which the weakest were weeded out. In the first round dropped out of the race Chairman of the previous convocation Viktor Gorin. In the penultimate round had two Democrats, and was won by Andrei Miroshnichenko (“Apple”), however, Chairman, he did not. Was assigned to the last round, in which the “Yabloko” did not collect two thirds of votes. Then Goin with a clear conscience has announced that it will continue to be the Chairman. According to all the same rules, which we have already mentioned.

In Moscow the first meeting is scheduled only for October, but United Russia of the previous convocation, none of which went to the new made knight’s move: they’re going ahead without telling the newly elected deputies. According to the now former Manager of the municipality of Nina Gushchina, the regulations allegedly allow “outgoing nature” unscheduled meeting. Where they planned to approve the placement of fairs of the day off for the whole next year to adjust the development plan, one from land district and write yourself a reward for excellent work. The government deputies (among them, two re-elected), miracle provedencia about strange meeting, came back and made that the promotion did not take place. By the way, as it turned out, the benefits of the weavers depended on the number of agreed or other Deputy of the acts of holding a variety of work — it turned out that MPs were keen to sign all acts, including on the work carried out with gross violations.

“Conspiracy”, thus, was suppressed, but, despite the fact that in the municipality Khamovniki there is no representative of the ruling party, put forward under the auspices of the “Yabloko” local, well known in the area, an activist, MP and past and present convocation Alexander Prusina hopes that the election of the chair without struggle:

— From the last convocation we had only two members, the others — new people, many we don’t know yet. They represent a variety of opposition forces, and it is difficult to assume, how to behave, she said “MK”. I doubt we will choose the President directly. That is what democracy is to have any disputes and to be approved.

So, in two dozen districts, deputies of United Russia was not all or the Democrats received a majority of two thirds and above. But there is no power intrigues are not complete. In the municipality of Izmailovo members of the EP were only three, but they have achieved. And how many more of these secret meetings, in Khamovniki, leaving United Russia to hold managed — is not clear. The fact that “United Russia” somewhere lost the municipal elections, does not mean that she is going to give up power. And how tough she is ready to fight for it? And whether the efforts in the Moscow areas, the struggle for power in the rest of Russia? After all, there is a formula like what is happening in Moscow, eventually becoming a trend for the country. We asked the political scientist, associate Professor, Institute of social Sciences Catherine SHULMAN.

– With respect to municipal deputies, in society there is a stereotype, if they have no effect. This is not so. The powers of the municipal deputies are really small, but underestimate them not worth it. They can’t stop the construction, but can make it uncomfortable for the continuation of the Executive. They can fuss about the decisions of the Council, what is to prevent their implementation. And in the presence of a stable majority (two-thirds), you can try to change the head of the Council.

In addition, as Chairman of the municipal education is weighing — it is official, so the post is a serious battle. If you dismiss the criminality of beatings, such a democratic fighting is good. We are not used to it anymore, but it’s interesting, and it does not give power to sleep.

It will be interesting to see how Gagarin’s municipality, headed by an independent Deputy Elena Rusakova will build relationships with your item (Gagarin did not pick a United Russia“MK”).

In other regions of the country and still were regional and municipal parliaments, is able to impose the power of opinion. This Krasnoyarsk Krai and the Pskov Duma. But behind Moscow liberalization and political competition can come in the Central Russian regions and industrial areas of Siberia. Where civic consciousness is quite developed and popular policy alternative.

And that “United Russia” will continue to intrigue and snap, there is no doubt.


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