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Thursday, January 18, 2018

In the Czech Republic found the thigh bone of an unknown science dinosaur

Paleontologists from the Charles University in Prague, examined the remains of a dinosaur, which apparently, relates to the unstudied species. Apparently discovered lizard lived on the territory of modern Central and South Bohemia tens of millions of years ago during the Upper Cretaceous period, and had some resemblance to the birds that inhabit the Earth today.

photo: pixabay.com

The bone was discovered 14 years ago, but only now been explored sufficiently to ensure that the scientists took him to a new kind (Burianosaurus augustai) and told about the results. According to the authors of the opening, the dinosaur likely was a herbivore, and its hind legs were very similar to avian. He lived about 40 million years ago or slightly later and belong to the group of ornithopods – the oldest ornithischian herbivorous lizards.

Experts note that the only bones not enough to provide a complete picture about the appearance of ancient reptiles, however, even the information that was obtained, enough to ensure that it relates to the unstudied species. As stress researchers, Nakhodka is a high value, as in the Cretaceous period, this territory was an isolated island, and its flora and fauna must be very unusual.

An article on new species of dinosaurs, has accepted for publication a scientific Journal of Systematic Palaentology.

We will remind, not so long ago, another group of specialists studied the remains of another herbivorous dinosaur of great interest to science. Despite its plant-based diet and fairly innocuous appearance, the lizard species Chilesaurus diegosuarezi (or “cherizar”) had a close relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and other famous predators of antiquity, which, according to experts, is a new way to look at the evolution of dinosaurs in General.


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