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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Expert: US at hand the termination of the “open skies Treaty”

The U.S. is considering the possibility to limit the flights of Russian aircraft over its territory in the framework of the “open skies Treaty” (DON). According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal’s military aircraft of the Russian Federation may prohibit flying over the Hawaiian Islands over Alaska – in response to the fact that Russia had not allowed the Americans to make observation flights over the Kaliningrad region. About what is behind the press reports the U.S. and made earlier attempts of Washington to impute Moscow breaking dawn, “MK” talked with an expert.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

The DON was signed in 1992, the 23 member countries of the OSCE. Today, the parties to the agreement are 34 States, most of which (including Russia and USA) have already ratified it.

The Treaty gives signatory countries the right to carry out observation flights over the territories of each other. Their goal is make sure a state does not conduct activities that violate any military agreement.

Within the DON a special aircraft (without weapons) according to a predetermined plan, approved by the country over which they will move, make a sightseeing flight. The state, which became the object of observation, is entitled to claim from the observing party report in the form of copies of frames of aerial photography, etc..

To implement such operations in countries that are signatories to the DON, specially equipped airfields. In Russia, four of them in Kubinka, in Ulan-Ude, in Vorkuta and Magadan. For each airport will determine the maximum range is the distance beyond which the aircraft-observer in the mission to fly is prohibited. For example, in the case of the Cuban this distance is 5000 km away. This, by the way, just enough to American aircraft flew to Kaliningrad, located in 1000 km from Moscow.

However, according to an unnamed source, The Wall Street Journal, Russia unilaterally introduced for Kaliningrad region has a limit of 500 km Figure, it is easy to see very strange – it is simply impossible to reach Kaliningrad in this limitation, and it is unclear why impose it?

“Information about the alleged ban imposed by Russia for flights over the Kaliningrad region appeared only in the American press – said in this regard in an interview with “MK” military expert Alexei LEONOV. I suppose this is an echo of the campaign, which was conducted in the foreign media to exercise “Zapad-2017″. Evidence that they are only 100 thousand soldiers, as is claimed, for example, the authorities of the Baltic countries, has not been found. So I took the information that had prohibited flights over the Kaliningrad oblast, but it was there, it most likely was the 100 thousand people”.

DON was focused mainly on the removal of tension by spans over the areas of certain countries who signed it, where supposedly could concentrate troops to attack, the expert reminded. “And if that agreement starts to fall apart, disappear one important factor that previously served as a response to accusations of preparations for war, sounded in the address of Russia. It is clear that the United States aspire to it precisely for that purpose – then our country could not prove that it is not preparing to deliver a military blow”.

According to Alexey Leonova, United States interested in the fact that the contract has ceased to act: “Europe is not the arguments of the Americans regarding the fact that Russia really is not going to attack European countries. It is clear that this situation would be for US. Now Europe is resisting the pressure from Washington. First, trump has demanded to increase the contribution of Europeans in the NATO budget. Now he, under the pretext of the Russian threat makes them buy American weapons. And if Japan and South Korea, who buy the complexes “Patriot” and “THAAD”, Trump was able to succeed (in the case of the far-Eastern partners of the United States, the main argument in favor of strengthening the defense capability is, of course, not Russian, but North Korean threat. – “MK”), with European partners, everything is tight. They have their MIC and if they are now his money is for his development to spend on American arms, in their military-industrial sector will start the problem.”

“U.S. planes to fly over Russia fly European NATO airfields. They check the Western region of Russia and returned to the European airfields. Sometimes they fly over the whole country, controlling thus the positional areas of our strategic nuclear forces. They have no obligation to fly only with Russian airfields listed in DON. These airfields are specially equipped so that the planes could land on them if necessary, – said Alexey Leonov. – First, what does the limit of 500 km for the aircraft at a speed of 900 km/h? He will fly for half an hour and come back? Second, European airfields, where the standards are such planes, placed at a distance of not less than 1000 km from Russia. Therefore, all voiced by now the American media data designed for ordinary people who don’t know the specifics of the situation. The goal is to create a certain public opinion to start to put pressure on the authorities of the countries that signed the DON, and they began to side with the United States. Washington is thus trying to get rid of the only evidence confirming the absence of aggression by Russia”.

Read the material: the Federation Council has responded to claims by the US on open skies

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