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Friday, March 23, 2018

Elon Musk has shown videosimulator flight to Mars

American entrepreneur and engineer Elon Musk demonstrated a small series of videos where you can see how it will look in the initial stage of the first flight of people to Mars. Videosimulator the head of the company SpaceX has published on his page in Instagram.

photo: social networks

On the first of the rollers, which were made with the help of computer technology., you can see how people get on a spaceship on a special corridor, and then viewers get the chance to look at the rocket ready to send this ship to another planet, “from the inside”. At the end of “first part of” the rocket launched and sent into space.

Simulation of how the SpaceX’s Interplanetary Spaceship and Rocket design would work. Will be unveiling the new version on Friday afternoon at IAC Adelaide. Certain aspects of the new design and its applications will be unexpected.

Publication of Elon Musk (@elonmusk) Sep 25 2017 at 2:41 PDT

The second video shows how the rocket with the spacecraft leaves the earth’s atmosphere, and then separated from him and returns to Earth, while spacecraft with people on Board, remains in orbit.

In the third video, the rocket returns to Earth, to a small amount of time to start again with another spacecraft, which is later used for refueling interplanetary ship with fuel. After that, the engines manned spacecraft work, and he begins a journey to Mars.

The fourth movie is, in fact, the journey of a manned vehicle through space towards Mars. Spacecraft reveals large solar panels, which have become an important source of energy for him throughout the entire flight. In the first half of the video “in the background” can be seen gradually moving away the Earth.

Finally, the fifth and final part allows you to see how the spacecraft reaches Mars, enters the atmosphere and hits the ground and then to the Red planet, people go out and begin colonization.

According to Elon musk, one day, it will look like flying people to Mars with the help of created his company SpaceX rockets. The entrepreneur also said that Friday will be officially announced and new, including the unexpected details relating to the design of missiles and spacecraft.


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