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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Archaeologists told why found in Suzdal-ancient girl named “cosmopolitan fashionista”

Curious about the discovery announced by the Russian archaeologists. Scientists discovered in the district of Suzdal, the ancient burial fashionista.

Photo: IA RAS

Artifacts unearthed historians from the Institute of archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences. They conducted excavations in Suzdal opolye. It is a vast plateau with low hills in the territory of modern Ivanovo and Vladimir regions. The main finding of the current field season was the burial of women of the X century. Externally, the tomb does not stand out above the burial was of the mound. To detect it, the archaeologists have been using electrical tomography. The researchers found that the lady died at the age of 20-29 years. Moreover, it turned out that she was a real fashionista. Next to the remains of the diggers saw 140 outlandish decorations. In the hands of scientists got wire temporal rings, necklaces of glass beads with three pendants of coins, as well as two bracelets and three rings of silver, bronze and glass. All of these ornaments were lying near the skull. Behind the head ladies were massive suspension. In addition, several pendants were found in the knees and feet. Historians have concluded that all the wonders were detail rich garments in which he buried the woman. The most interesting artifact is the silver coin in the center of the necklace era of the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII, who personally took Princess Olga in Constantinople.

Byzantine silver coin — a rare find in ancient monuments, — says the Director of IO RAS Nikolai Makarov. Earlier in Suzdal opolie them found only four. In the burial of “cosmopolitan fashionista” we found Arab coins, jewelry Finnish and Slavic types. All this allows to show that at that time Russia was involved in intensive cultural and trade exchange.


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