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Friday, January 19, 2018

A treasure hunter discovered a secret laboratory of Hitler, where he developed a nuclear bomb

In Oranienburg in the North-East of Germany, 64-year-old Amateur archaeologist Bernd Thalmann discovered an unusual object which probably is a component of a nuclear bomb. By assumption, treasure hunt, shiny piece of metal can be a proof of the existence of a secret research centre during the Second world war where the Nazis were developing atomic weapons.

photo: pixabay.com

Thalmann moved to Oranienburg with metallosalen when he started to izdavaci unusual sounds. Finding the subject, the nature of which treasure hunt to determine failed, he took it home and contacted the police, where he found that the fragment is radioactive. The result was declared the evacuation of 15 people in the next houses. Then in the house of the archaeologist lover of people came in hazmat suits, which are placed metal lined with lead container and placed into a special case.

In respect of the treasure hunt was prosecuted for the illegal possession of radioactive materials. Although Thalmann does not mention the exact place where he found the metal fragment, it is assumed that it was within the secret centre of the Nazis for the production of weapons-grade plutonium.

It is known that in December 1938, the Nazis carried out the artificial splitting of the nucleus of an atom of uranium, and in 1939-1945 in the country were working to create nuclear weapons. As writes edition the Independent, the finding will probably help understand how physics Nazi Germany was close to success in these experiments.

Although not too popular among serious scientists the theory that shortly before the end of the Second world war, the Nazis conducted a series of nuclear weapons tests, most of the scientists agree that the German project ended in failure, and the first country that created the atomic bomb were the United States.


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