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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Udaltsov went on hunger strike after hugs with Limonov

The coordinator “the Left front” Sergei Udaltsov was again behind bars. The opposition is not spent in the wild and two months, again moved out of the house in state housing. This time, however, the administrative arrest, the politician deprived of his liberty not for a few years, but only for five days. However, the hunger strike Udaltsov still announced.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

After convicted in the case “Anatomy of protest-2” Sergey Udaltsov left on freedom, he runs up plunged into political activity: held a press conference finally broke up with the Bulk, gave the deputies of the state Duma the project of the Amnesty for the 100th anniversary of the revolution and began to revive the “Left front”. However, it seemed that participation in unauthorized political actions, the politician until the refrain, not to return to places of deprivation of liberty. But Udaltsov has decided not to change yourself for the still left. When the authorities refused to hold the traditional March of the non-systemic left-wing “anti-capitalism”, Udaltsov called on everyone to go out anyway, and the refusal of the authorities called illegal.

The format of the event coincided with the fact that he spent twice his former colleague Bulk — walk, without slogans and banners. Both, however, repeatedly appeared, but the police detained people faster than they had time to do something. In the end, Udaltsov was detained at the exit of the subway, and only paddy went a few dozen people. Some of them, like himself, Udaltsov, received administrative punishment.

Would be indicative of the future course of events — whether the power to make a fundamental distinction between supporters of Navalny and Udaltsov, as well as among the leaders of the protest. After unauthorized walks Bulk a few people were under investigation, the three went to the colony for a period of one and a half to four years. However, people on the actions of the Navalny was much more clashes with the police harder. However, the blogger, despite the penalties, a criminal record, to criminal liability are attracted only to administrative. A harsh reaction against different opposition will provoke a number of questions as to the authorities and to the Bulk.

Do not forget about the veteran of the opposition movement, the leader “Other Russia” Edward Limonov. The writer also urged people to take part in unauthorised “Antikap”, and he also has a criminal record obtained for political reasons. The trial of the writer scheduled for October 3, and the punishment is likely to be similar.

By the way, according to Limonov, Udaltsov to the police station they were driving in a police van, hugged each other there and talked. Limonov suggested that Udaltsov will offer to “sit quietly” because he was recently released from prison. Did the guards to pacify the opposition, is unknown. However, if and Yes, he did not heed them: caught in the camera, Udaltsov declared a hunger strike. He did not agree with the police report and claims that the unauthorized action was not organized.

Yet history repeats itself. Remember how the same Udaltsov, Limonov a few years ago went on an unsanctioned rally “Strategy 31” each 31 number of months. The triumphal square ran out the policemen were all seated on the paddy wagon, and after a few months it was repeated. Soon it will become clear whether there will be an opposition movement at the same level of development or reach the mass protests.

Watch the video on:
“Sergei Udaltsov gave five days of arrest: opposition activist on hunger strike”


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