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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The end of European integration: Ukrainian nationalism led to the Empire of himself

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siarto promised that Budapest will do its utmost to stop the process of European integration of Ukraine. On such a decisive step the country went after Kiev did not heed the exhortations of the Eastern European States requiring to revise the controversial law on education. The relevant document President Petro Poroshenko has signed in the evening of 25 September, and now Ukrainians are waiting for the new system of education, ukrainiana completely devoid of not only teaching the Russian language, but also on the language of other national minorities — Hungarian, Romanian, Polish….

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Peter Siyyarto

What awaits now the Ukrainian school? The new system will work until next autumn. For the remainder of the “day Hours” time, the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine must “pereverstyvat” curricula and programs, previously providing for free functioning of the Russian language up to class. Russian schools in Ukraine now is not much left in a year they will disappear altogether. Since September 2018 after 4th grade all subjects in Ukrainian schools will be taught in the Ukrainian language, and by 2020 Russian language will be removed and Junior classes. On retraining teachers, new textbooks and other materials are going to allocate 87 billion. Obviously, in the process of educational reform, the number of Ukrainian teachers will be reduced by approximately 3 times – unnecessary such a number of specialists. Because образовате6льная reform implies also and sushestvenno reduction prodavaemyh items — from 25 to 9.

Only the honor of Ukraine, where the remains of the education in the Russian language — the self-proclaimed republics DNR and LC. From 1 September 2015, all schools DNR switched to Russian textbooks, which have delivered humanitarian convoys. At the same time school libraries banned the issue of the Ukrainian textbooks on history and geography. Before the beginning of the academic year in September 2016 the Ministry of education of the DNR made a statement that in the breakaway Republic no longer have a single class with Ukrainian language of instruction “because I was left wanting”.The correspondent of “MK” happened before the beginning of the school year to talk with the Director of the famous 14-th school of the city of Ilovaysk Olga V. Chiriac. The school was broken during the fighting around Ilovaysk and recovered with the help of Russia. Before the war it was a school with Ukrainian as the language of instruction.”The program we have is as close to Russian, but while its – said “MK” Olga Vitalevna. Necessary, perhaps, for a transitional period. We now have one hour per week on the Ukrainian language and literature, this is one common lesson. Russian language is taught depending on the year of study. But on average, in grades 6-7, for example, six lessons and three of Russian literature. Added civics lesson, where students are taught all about our country. It is held once a week.” No need to say that the adoption of Ukrainian laws on education in any way on the teaching of chemistry, physics or mathematics in the 14th school of Ilovaysk is not affected.

Some “favors” for representatives of national minorities, however, remain. In particular, representatives of “indigenous Nations” (Crimean Tatars, for example) will allow you to have separate classes. One of several subjects can be taught “in the languages of the member countries of the European Union” (kind of a “thrown bone” to the representatives of the Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovak and other minorities). However, EU countries that grace did not particularly suit. Against reform strongly advocated, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Moldova and Greece.

The Russian state Duma in mid-September, had prepared condemning the statement, which noted that approval of this bill by the Verkhovna Rada speaks about the desire of Kiev to destroy the remnants of Russian-language education. After educational reform was accepted Poroshenko, a copy sent to the parliaments of European countries, as well as the Council of Europe and the parliamentary Assembly of Europe. The intention of the Russian side to continue the pressure on Kiev confirmed the correspondent of “MK” in the state Duma Committee on international Affairs.

-“The system prepares the document in collaboration with the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of justice. We have many times tried to speak from the podium to send condemnatory letters to the Verkhovna Rada, however, that any action brings. In this regard, we are working on an interagency document that will enable us to more effectively communicate its position to Ukraine”, – told “MK” the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Svetlana Zhurova. According to her, the development of the document can be brought by the representatives of Hungary. However, it is too early to speak about concrete joint actions. “While this question addresses only the Russian side, but the idea is to present a United front against the Ukrainian educational reforms have. Moreover, we have positive experience — joint Declaration of the parliaments of Russia and Israel against the demolition of Soviet monuments. Unfortunately, when Russia stands apart, it does not always yield the desired result, so the question of bringing Hungary remains open”, – said Zhurova.

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