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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Residents of Rostov-on-don took the test missile “Topol” for UFOs: “Scary”

Residents of the South of Russia in the evening of 26 September, observed in the sky an unidentified flying object and hurried to share their impressions in social networks. In proof of his words, a user posted a video which allegedly captured a UFO. But what was the disappointment when, an hour later it became clear that “plate” – not that other, as … ballistic missile “Topol” was launched from Kapustin Yar in the Astrakhan region. On its successful tests announced by the defense Ministry. This is not the first case when the rocket is mistaken for the machinations of the aliens. Ufologists such statements of the witnesses perceived with skepticism.

photo: screenshot from video

“Just (18:35) Madoyana towards the Center in the sky, watched the UFO. Clearly not a plane because the lights didn’t flash, and later the object began to spin in a spiral and disappeared in a few seconds. Watched I’m not alone, with me there were 4 adults and 2 children, all sober and sane.

“First was the object, visually flying up. Not managed to capture. After that. It began to twist in a spiral and disappeared. Creepy… missiles?”

“At first I thought the helicopter with the included projector and with a train. Then the light disappeared and left a blue cloud. Then the light appeared a little farther, then train for that light that turned into a spiral before disappearing into the circle . A blue cloud for a few more minutes would not disappear, moving South. What was that?”, – wrote the band on Facebook, “growth positive” (spelling and punctuation authors saved).

However, the answer came quickly. As stated in the press service of the defense Ministry, from Kapustin Yar was conducted a test launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile RS-12M “Topol” with future combat lighting. “Training warhead missiles with a given accuracy struck conditional goal at the site “Sary-Shagan” (Republic of Kazakhstan)”.

The head of the “UFO Union of Russia” Boris Shurinov told “MK” that the real UFOs are very difficult to catch because of the huge speed, especially on a cell phone.

People are constantly in search of sensations. And what is now happening in the media, a real mess. Of the UFO’s has made a profitable business. Honest ufologists are very few. I personally know all the top ufologists. On the ground is not so often exhibit objects that relate to alien worlds because they are very difficult to fix due to the record speed and while lagging behind our technologies. I can only say conclusion, Toulouse UFO center in France – in our space there are objects beyond the control of the authorities and demonstrating the technology, exceeding all existing on the Earth, said the scientist.


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