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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Putin “forgot” to sign the Decree about the oath of allegiance to Russia

What with the pomp and pretentious words to make half-assed and unfinished laws, even if the authorities themselves insisted on their life for the country importance after as if losing interest in them and don’t know what to do with all this?

Here is the latest story about the Saint: on citizenship of the Russian Federation.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Remember how a group of deputies headed by speaker Volodin and leaders of all Duma factions in the spring in the Duma introduced a bill which proposed to deprive the Russian citizenship have received it previously foreigners convicted for a number of terrorist articles of the Criminal code?

Yes, this is the bill that in the process, supplemented with a few important changes. Among other things, adopted by the state Duma, the Federation Council approved and officially published on 30 July 2017 the text demanded from new citizens of the Russian Federation before obtaining a passport have to swear allegiance to the new Homeland – if indeed they are viable and reached adulthood.

The law was delayed action and entered into force on 1 September 2017. This was done in order, as he said, the deputies to give the government time to prepare implementing regulations, without which efficient the adopted document can not. And not only the Executive power – the fact that the law stipulates that “the procedure of taking the Oath is established by the President of the Russian Federation”.

That is, the adopted law has only the text of the oath, and how, where and in whose presence it should be – all these questions then had to determine the President of the Russian Federation by his decree.

But this decree is still there, that’s the thing!

There is only the hope that he may appear in the coming weeks if the President can find the time to finally deal with this issue: on the official website for public comment includes a project developed by the Ministry of internal Affairs (this Department now deals with issues of citizenship and migration policy).

It only says that the territorial authority of the interior Ministry or the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation (if the passport is awarded to the new Russian abroad) “organize” the oath. But organized in full accordance with the “rules”, which after the signing of the decree of the President must approve the internal and foreign Affairs. This is the “bringing” may be carried out in the premises of regional offices of the interior Ministry, “in the premises of other state bodies, bodies of local government, historical places, places of military and labor glory, the mass graves of soldiers who died fighting for the freedom and independence of the Russian state”. You take the oath read aloud the text of the oath, and then signed it, and the officer assured the incident, date, registration number of the form and official stamp. The documents attached to the archiving of freshly baked citizen.

Incidentally, the form must also be approved by the President.

In the explanatory note to the draft decree of the Ministry of interior reports that in 2016, the citizenship of the Russian Federation received about 200 thousand foreigners. And for 8 months of 2017 – a little more than 120 thousand…

So the law is there, but the decree which should be prescribed under these procedures, no. But from the information posted on the official website of the Chief Directorate for migration policy of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation follows that the oath of foreigners who decided to give citizenship, already take!

On 14 September, for example, swore allegiance to Russia in Karachay-Cherkessia 6 former citizens of Kazakhstan, Turkey, Tajikistan and Moldova. And on 25 September, in the Kemerovo region six citizens of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, “which arrived in Kuzbass for permanent residence under the state program of voluntary resettlement of compatriots, and for several years employed in local enterprises”. The oath was given, according to reports, in the premises of regional departments of the Main Directorate for migration policy of the Ministry of interior.

Of course, it is difficult to assume that the interior Ministry acting without prior approval from the Kremlin, but… I Wonder what is the legal price of this oath, if the President decides to creatively to the draft decree prepared by the interior Ministry, and before signing will make a significant edit? Or he does not enjoy the form, where is fixed the fact of taking the oath?


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