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Monday, March 19, 2018

“You can consider it a Declaration of war”: trump urged to punish DPRK

War of words Donald trump and Kim Jong UN could escalate into a nuclear missile. The first “salvo” in the war gave the US President. He called Kim Jong UN “human rocket” from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly and threatened to erase from the face of the earth, North Korea. The leader of the DPRK in debt does not remain, giving the following characterization of Trump: “senile old man is senile.” Kim Jong UN also waved in front of the “imbecile” nuclear missile “club”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

On the same day, trump retorted this, thank God, not a nuclear missile response. He called Kim Jong UN “possessed” (the fact that the leader of North Korea was not limited to “senile”, and fastened to him also “senile”…).

Such “exchange of courtesies” the UN was not yet known.

The next move for Kim Jong-UN. However, he has already done. At the end of last week North Korean leader has promised to hold a test of an Intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead. This missile, he warned, will fly over the waters of the Pacific ocean.

Veterans Affairs believe that the leaders of the U.S. and North Korea are playing with fire, complicating the search for a diplomatic solution to the conflict. “Every “exchange of courtesies” between trump and Kim makes it difficult to de-escalation of the conflict and a diplomatic solution,” says Benjamin Rhodes, a former Deputy assistant on national security in the Obama Cabinet.

But what he thinks democratic Senator from Maryland Senator Cardin: “When these rhetorical bombing will be replaced on an exchange of nuclear bombs? Inflammable and irresponsible threat to President trump does not guarantee the security of America and her Asian allies. It appeals not close ranks of our partners to restrain North Korean ambitions. They are not much similar to genuine global governance, in which humanity desperately needs at this critical time,” the Senator wrote in the journal foreign policy.

The President’s advisors trump has prepared for him a few options of actions – verbal and nonverbal – as for example, a cyber attack on military facilities and dual-use objects North Korea. However, the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis said that the U.S. still “has not caused any harm to the” North Korean missiles, not equipped with nuclear weapons, as these missiles do not fly on routes that threaten America and its allies, such as Japan.

President trump, giving vent to his language, however, not conducted a “red line”, violation of which Pyongyang will evoke from US certain real steps. The North Korean test, according to one American official source, would be very dangerous to warn, because the resulting radiation can go wind wave in the direction of the populated regions.

In the moment when trump “aggressively shakes” his tongue, his office prefers to only increasing economic pressure on Pyongyang. Therefore, the US President signed a new decree, which aims to cut off North Korea from the international banking system. The white house hopes that further isolation of North Korea make Kim Jong-UN to sit down at the negotiating table.

Trump’s supporters on Capitol hill, who believe the leader of the DPRK “bully” welcome the actions of their President – is also behaving like a bully. “Answer rhetorical rhetorical blows with blows!” — that is their slogan. Some require more, because Pyongyang now has a large nuclear Arsenal, including missiles capable of reaching the continental America.

“The question is, how many missiles will experience Kim: one, two? — asks Republican Congressman from California Duncan hunter. — What to do in this case? To strike a preventive blow on them? That’s what needs to reflect our President. I personally for a preemptive strike. You can consider this a Declaration of war. Call it whatever you want”.

Directory of John, who served as national security Advisor under Vice-President dick Cheney (remember him?), says that it is hard to imagine predecessors of trump, which would be drawn into a verbal altercation with Kim. But on the other hand, the directory says, “these predecessors have been completely unable to cope with the nuclear threat of Pyongyang. They said moderate tone and did nothing to stop the dictator and prevent him to create a devastating Arsenal.”

“Whether the strategy adopted by trump, risky?”, — asks the directory and replies, “of Course. But it’s worth a try in light of the fact unimportant experience of previous U.S. presidents to stop the North Korean program.”

The UN views on this question were divided. Australia, one of the closest associates of Washington, said: “the Safety of millions of people is under threat as a result of Pyongyang’s refusal to obey international law and norms”.

But Cuba accused Washington of “raising the temperature”. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Cuba, Eduardo Rodriguez Parrilla said: “We do not recognize the threat completely destroy North Korea, where 25 million people. War cannot be a way out of the crisis on the Korean Peninsula.”

A blow to the missile without a warhead, located on the launch site or mobile launchers — this is a risky shot. Because he can start from two military conflict from Pyongyang: nuclear missile with Washington, and with the use of conventional weapons against Seoul.

Intercept warheads in the air creates additional threats. If American anti-missile system will not be able to hit a single North Korean missile, then the issue will immediately be the whole missile infrastructure of the United States, at a cost to Washington over the last 40 years more than 300 billion dollars. If the target is struck, then under it will be contaminated by nuclear fuel land or water.

Inaction and worse. It will demonstrate the lack of “deterrent values” of the U.S. Arsenal, which will push Pyongyang for more dangerous adventures.

Nikki Haley, U.S. representative to the UN said: “There are many military solutions that can be applied. And therefore the President trump is not going to clarify what he plans to do when he does it and where. However, I repeat, there are many solutions that he discussed with his national security team, in case if North Korea will do something irresponsible and desperate”.

We must assume that verbal verbal missile with the same warhead type “Senile-1,” for all its irresponsibility is not included in the number of solutions considered in the “situation room” of the White house. And therefore, Donald trump responded to “Imbecile-1” boltologicheskaya device “Possessed”-2, 3, 4 and so on.

Duel “Fool!” — “Fool!”


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