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Friday, March 23, 2018

The experts considered the appointment of Merkushkin, Samara mistake that set a new trend

The new Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov has declared that his region expects to audit in all directions. Problems in the field really accumulated a mass, and a significant part of them is connected with the name of the previous Chapter. “MK” has found out from experts why Nikolai Merkushkin, despite his scandal, after the resignation is not proceeded after the former head of the Mari El Republic Leonid Markelov in jail, and now awaits Samara oblast.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org
Azarov Dmitry

Dmitry ORLOV, head of “Agency of political and economic communications”: “Nikolai Merkushkin, of course, resorted to totally unacceptable for the Samara region electoral political practice, failed to adequately assess what is happening, has strained relations with the elites and so on. Attitude to Merkushin in the Federal center very cautious. And this situation persists for quite a long time. But this does not mean that his resignation should be shameful. His merits in front of Russia is obvious — he is one of the governors-heavyweights. So with all the obvious claims to compare it with Markelov is not necessary. His resignation is voluntary and due to the frankly minor but still appointment to a new post”

Alexander KYNEV, an expert of the Fund of civil initiatives: “the Fate of each individual Governor is determined by his personal characteristics and his personal relationships. No doubt they had merkoushkin and it was one of the main reasons that he stayed at his post for so long”

The Kremlin wanted to say something appointment Merkushkin for the post of special presidential representative for cooperation with the world Congress of Finno-Ugric peoples?

D. O.: “He was in charge of Mordovia, one of the most important regions of Russia with a strong Finno-Ugric identity, so this decision looks quite logical. It’s an honorable discharge and I don’t think it has some implications. New post with one hand tied to his previous political career, and with another — does not involve any focus”

A. C.: “the Position to which he was appointed, looks quite comical. I think that in the coming months, Samara oblast will be extremely grateful to the Federal center. Presidential campaign in Samara can be almost not news, since its main event is already done. Most likely it is this effect, the Kremlin had expected. Care of the person who produced your post is nothing but scandals had undoubtedly become a very powerful symbolic gesture. By and large, the elimination of negative news is already perceived as positive news. This is the trend to update. If the appointment of governors in the spring of 2012 to protest the regions looked like some kind of punishment, now it’s more like the results of some hope to those regions where the situation looked the most bleak and hopeless”

– In the Samara region should expect some changes?

D. O.: “There are serious problems, some of which are due to the inheritance merkoushkin. The new Governor Dmitry Azarov will have to re-build the electoral configuration, implying more room for dialogue than when Merkushkin, a new system of relationships with the elites, in particular, a number of companies focused on Merkushkin, will have to lose their preferences, would have to re-build relationships with automotive businesses from Togliatti and so on. In addition, there is a specific project that is important for the Federal centre is a stadium “Samara arena” that you want to take to the world Cup, but which is not in high stage. However, Azarov is a competent local leader, who well perceive the regional elite and trusted in Moscow. He also has a fairly high inter-regional influence due to the fact that he had previously headed interregional coordination Council of “United Russia”. If you compare Azarov Merkushin, the new head of the region a lot more influence within the region and wider opportunities for interaction with local elites,”

A. K.: “From the point of view of global events from the Governor a little that depends, because when you are sailing on the Titanic all cabins are on the same ship. So the appointment of Azarov does not affect the situation in the automotive market. But from the point of view of the psychological situation, the region will be able to breathe. The last few years, there was severe pressure, there were persecuted for dissent. Now this should not be”

– Appointment Merkushkin Governor of Samara region can be called a mistake?

D. O.: “experience in the management of the Samara region Merkushkin has shown that it is successful and an adequate head of one of the region, and he led the Mordovia 17, may be completely alien in another region. I would not say that his appointment was a mistake, rather, it is about the incompatibility of the Director and of the region.

A. K.: “Yes. Automatic transfer of experience with a small depressed region (Mordovia), the region is large and complex, with heavy elite (Smolensk oblast), was initially unjustified attempt. In practice, the whole experience Merkushkin was completely out of place and caused quite natural reaction. To count the lobbyists this appointment is unknown. Perhaps they were hoping to turn Samara oblast Mordovia, but they didn’t work out”.

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