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Monday, February 19, 2018

Experts: Crimean UN report on the torture of turning Russia to the DPRK

The office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights published a progress report on the situation in Crimea, which is without any evidence says about the kidnappings, torture and extrajudicial killings. The Peninsula is called “occupied territory”, which must be returned to the Ukrainian legislation. Would this discredit the perception of Russia in the world at the level of North Korea, and Moscow must defend itself, “MK” has found out from the experts.

photo: americamedia.org

Sergei MARKOV, Director of the Institute for peace initiatives and conflict

The UN report is totally false and written under dictation of the special services of the USA, UK, Canada and Poland. If nothing is done, in the end, the level of perception of Russia in the world will slide to the level of the DPRK. One day this will lead to the violent overthrow of state power and the formation of the puppet regime on the Ukrainian type.

To prevent a negative scenario it is necessary to continue to disseminate information about how much better Ukrainians, and Crimeans. In this direction is very small. In particular, we do not show the scope of the socio-economic disaster, which led to the operation of the existing Ukrainian authorities. The passivity of Moscow leads to the fact that in the world the impression that Ukraine manages a civilized government, not the military group of criminals that usurped power, as it really is. The unofficial policy of state terrorism has already led to the deaths of 60 thousand people, of which only 50 thousand dead in the Donbas, 10 of thousands were killed in extrajudicial executions in other regions of the country. In Dnipropetrovsk region, listed as missing about 1,600 people.

If Russia had not occupied purely defensive positions, such reports would be less. Moscow is making enough effort to promote normalcy in the Crimea. In this case, facing two truths: one Russian and the other Ukrainian. We must convince the international community that in Kiev sit criminals and terrorists, which, in principle, to any honesty can not.

Konstantin ZATULIN, head of the CIS Institute, state Duma Deputy:

These data are published from year to year and there is nothing fundamentally new about them. Each time all materials about torture, killings and rapes are accompanied with the words “presumably”, “probably” and so on. In particular, it is still unknown where from the Crimea happened to 6 people, they disappeared or went somewhere because so far no official statements about the fate or from whom it was received.

Even in cases when it is difficult to find at least some reason for doubt in the actions of Russia, the authors manage to do it. For example, this applies to education in their native language in Crimea. First we need to note that the report comes in a year when the Ukraine by its law on education is actually banned to be taught in indigenous languages and the national minorities after the 5th class, and from 2020 it will be impossible. Despite this, the high Commissioner of the UN sheds tears because of the lack of education in Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages in Crimea. The defenders are forced to point out that if in 2012-13 on the Peninsula in their native language has trained 5,500 people in 2016-2017, these people was 5300. Since it is difficult to address the claim to the Russian authorities, the report’s authors write that the level of education in the Crimean Tatar language almost fell because of the high consciousness of the Crimean Tatars”. That is, Moscow is doing everything it can to crush the Crimean Tatars, but it interferes with their higher consciousness… In fact, immediately after the reunification with Crimea, Russia adopted a law according to which the Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian and Russian are official languages, which had never been in Ukraine.

The report also accused Moscow to ban Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, though they write that this decision was taken after leaders of the organization have initiated the blockade of the Crimea. In fact, they commit terrorist acts against the civilian population of the Peninsula. Despite this, urge Russia to immediately allow the activities of the Mejlis in the Crimea, forgetting that even in the Ukraine, he was never allowed by the organization because its Charter contradicts the Ukrainian laws.

Overall, despite the loud and serious sounding name of a table of contents, the report is a pretty miserable spectacle. Russia should applies to everything written as a propaganda document, which is written under the dictation of Kiev. Moscow needs to answer it all with its detailed analysis and judgment. You need to compare brought Russia’s claim that doing on its territory to Ukraine and thereby to reduce the propaganda effect to a minimum.


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