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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Expert on mutual threats of North Korea and the United States: “Reminiscent of the battle rappers”

Another threat towards the American authorities, fell from the lips of the Minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea Lee Yong-Ho. This time he said that the DPRK intends to shoot down American bombers. And even if they are not in the airspace of their country. This right gives to the Korean leadership position of the President of America. According to the statement Lee Yong-Ho, the latest statements of the American leader directly indicate that the United States officially declared war on North Korea.

photo: screenshot from youtube video

“The whole world clearly needs to remember that the United States first declared war on our country, – the Minister said to journalists in new York at a briefing at the hotel Millenium Plaza. – So now we will have the full right to take countermeasures. These include the right to shoot down the US strategic bombers, even if they are not in the airspace of our country.”

That’s a big statement, on the one hand, drowned in the stream of mutual wrangling, the two nuclear powers and on the other hand made the public wary. After all, this is not a personal insult from the series “You scared the dog” (so-called Kim Jong UN, Donald trump) or “You malevka rocket” (as, in turn, called trump, Kim Jong-UN). To understand how to interpret the latest statement of the Minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea — as rhetoric or a real threat, “MK” asked the member of the Expert Council of the Military-industrial Commission of the Russian Federation Colonel Victor Murakhovski.

– I assume the international military space Koreans to hurt anybody will not be, – said the expert. If they do, you’ll incur the wrath not only of the Americans. And the military representatives of the United States is not at risk of violating the airspace of North Korea, whatever they may say. All of their mutual threats now are more like battle rappers who practice in wit. And the sight of this, as battles, sometimes quite funny.

– However, if you seriously “hits the fan”, as this may affect the security of our country?

– If you unfold a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons for us from the point of view of radiation safety it will be a real problem, as Russia shares a border with North Korea. The blast raises huge clouds of dust, and this fine dust may carry radioactive particles for hundreds of kilometers. Therefore, even if the conflict does not affect us from a military point of view, Russia will face the serious threat of radioactive fallout. One of the largest American military bases located in the Pacific region, 200 kilometers from China. This nuclear site, the U.S. military not so long ago blew up 150 kilotons of explosives. The explosion occurred underground, and threats to the people he represents. But if you start overhead and surface explosions, it would be a disaster similar to Chernobyl.


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