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Friday, March 23, 2018

Commission for the protection of sovereignty called the main element of Subversion of Russian politics

Russian senators are sounding the alarm: the enemy is not something that is at the gate, and hosting, we have practically at home. Established “the existence of signs of interference in a strictly sovereign Affairs of the Russian Federation in the period of preparation and holding of regional elections on 10 September 2017,” stated during a regular session the Interim Commission of the upper chamber to protect state sovereignty and prevent interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The head of the Temporary Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of state sovereignty and prevent interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrey Klimov. Photo: press service of the Federation Council

As you know, the elections confirmed the monopoly of “United Russia” in the Russian political field. It really helped the enemies of the ruling party? Is treason crept into the highest levels of the state pyramid? But no, there’s no reason to panic: the enemy did not pass. Western attempts to influence Russian municipal and regional government “has not led to a noticeable impact on the results of these elections”, declared the senators.

This good news can be considered as the motto and leitmotif of a meeting of fighters with anti-Russian activities. Undermine us, and we grow stronger. However, approximately in the same spirit hosted the previous meeting of the temporary Commission. And just as in past times, the grapes of wrath clearly prevailed over the facts. As then, the story about the machinations of overseas adversaries and their Russian henchmen, the “fifth column”, much like the famous song of the famous Soviet series: “Someone somewhere we sometimes honestly do not want to live”.

“Commissioners” is clearly reluctant to go into details, name of who the participants of the electoral process used and is in support of “enemies of Russia”. Fearing, apparently — and, perhaps, not without reason, to run a tough response unmasked “traitors”. Perhaps the most striking example of “foreign interference in the electoral process,” was the statement of the Senator from the Republic of Crimea and member of the Commission Olga Cowicide that “a number of political figures, and other persons, including representatives of the European Union and Ukraine, have publicly refused to recognize the legitimacy of the exercise of voting rights of the people, compactly living on the territory of a holistic…” — in short, the results of local elections in Crimea and Sevastopol. But even here, the “number of persons” did not receive any transcripts.

Perhaps the only exception is made for individuals, no participation in elections by those who have not, — Alexey Navalny. Not taking, though not on their own. According to the Russian authorities, Bulk as conditionally convicted on a “heavy” article for a long time deprived of the right to move somewhere else. But the Council of Europe has a different view on the ability of the opposition. The Strasbourg court found unfair the decision of the Russian court in the case of “Kirovles”, the COE Committee of Ministers in its recent decision stated that Moscow does not fulfill the ECHR’s verdict and thus violate the rights of Navalny to participate in political activities. Moreover, the Committee of Ministers directly called on the Russian authorities to allow the opposition to run for the upcoming presidential election.

“Foreign activity around the consideration of the Council of Europe the so-called case of “Kirovles” has now become all the more obvious illegal pressure on the Russian government and society, and to the misinformation of the world community to exert a direct influence on the preparation and conduct of presidential elections in Russia in 2018, that is, in fact, the assassination of the Russian electoral sovereignty”, — stated in the decision of the Commission of the Federation Council, approved following the meeting.

In General, waking up early. “As you get closer to the elections of the President of Russia attempts to influence our situation, undermine the stability inside will not go down, they will grow, — said present at the meeting of the Commission Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. We need to approach these processes literally head-on”. However, it is impossible not to see that the chosen armament has a very broad spectrum of action. So much so that I will not spare anyone who dares to compete with the current government.

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