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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Who will hit Putin right: a brutal man or Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak recorded by the candidate. Apparently without her knowledge. Just the Russian land suddenly was filled with a rumor: they say, really wants the President’s Administration that telegenic young mother was represented at the March election the liberal wing that contributed to the campaign intrigue and increased turnout. Itself Ksenia from rendered high honor nor alive nor dead: information about his participation in the campaign, she neither confirms nor denies, is that sometimes comments in social networks scathing attacks in the address. It would seem that the nomination for elections of the highest level — it is not for entertainers and artists. And then what does Sobchak and who came up with the crazy theory that she’s vydviganii of the Kremlin? But if you look at the political history of the last years version becomes not so crazy.

The administration of President from the beginning of the second decade of the new century carried away an interesting game. In everyday life the liberal opposition and other Westerners not to stifle, but contain out of special honor. Its activities are reluctantly covered on state television, and if you light it at best ironic, and at worst openly create negative background. Speakers-Democrats in the various talk shows put mostly idiots, whose opinion, according to the counters in telebeler, causing the audience’s disapproval. For stocks of this sector of the political glade do not provide the most convenient platforms or prohibit them altogether. But everything changes when starts registration of candidates for election to the serious level. Here it turns out that the Kremlin badly needed liberal candidate. And not just any mlevy and strong, able to fight for a strong second place at least in the capital and over one million. So, before the last presidential election among the main contenders for the seat of the country were mobilized Mikhail Prokhorov. According to rumors, without overt aid from the state, he did not managed to collect necessary for participation in the campaign two million signatures. And a year later “under the call” came Alexei Navalny, United Russia had shared with him the autographs of their members to the blogger was able to overcome the municipal filter and to compete for mayor.

Over the years, the leaders of the political unit of the administration has changed three times, but each time the trend remained the same. And here again the authorities need a liberal competitor. The problem is that the number of candidates is limited by another rule of the game: no one is in the river twice. Prokhorov after the success in 2012, tried to run for the mayoral elections, but, as if specially in order to avoid this, changed the law (about the presence of foreign ownership of the applicant). Navalny will not be allowed in the upcoming March on the basis of the verdict. Because the second coming of any of the top liberals on the elections can turn it into a political heavyweight, and that’s dangerous.

So we need someone new. And — ready that brief moment of the “silver” triumph will be his political Swan song. In this context Sobchak — ideal. Her liberal views are confirmed by the almost revolutionary struggle “in the barricades”, of self-sacrifice for the sake of ideas proved short, but still opalay on TV in “swamp” free-thinking. And it is as a showman quite prepared for the fact that her political show will be the last and the only for her in this genre. Not terrible, after all, other opportunities in show business, she not only did not take away, and most likely will expand. Not that we have the power of ungrateful…

However, Ksenia Sobchak — is only one of the candidates to this role. Who are the others? Refer this question to the scientists.

“I would say that while the administration is trying to have two liberal candidates. One such a serious, solid, like Yavlinsky. And the second — a younger, edgy, naughty, radical, — said the “MK” Director of the Institute for policy studies, a confidant of President Putin Sergey MARKOV. — It is obvious that it may be Dmitry Gudkov, which is very well evident in the Moscow elections. But if he and Ksenia suddenly refuses to participate in the campaign, then it is possible that this role will have to fulfill again Yavlinsky. For this he will have to move from the position of a solid liberal in a niche #Krymnenash. Other candidates on the liberal flank of the political sector, I do not see, but there may be protest cultural figure. Relatively speaking — Kirill Serebryannikov or someone figures out such a scandalous plan”.

Following the logic of Sergei Markov, it may be Irina Prokhorova. As Ksenia Sobchak, it accumulates not only the liberal request of the Kremlin, and gender. Women have not participated in the presidential elections in 2004, and in the administration would very much like to see among participants of the campaign and the fair sex.

“Liberal candidates are not very little, — considers the General Director of the Center for political technologies Igor BUNIN. — Navalny is not exactly (it’s too dangerous), Kasyanov too uninteresting (Yashin are over age. — M. Z.), Vladimir Ryzhkov would be quite consistent with this role, but it seems that he’s leaving real politics to the political commentators. Could occupy this niche Dmitry Gudkov, but he, as I understand it, aimed at another campaign — the September elections of the mayor of Moscow.

What do we have left? On the one hand, we need a liberal candidate who will warm up the campaign and attract voters, on the other — do not want to he was a threat to Putin. A liberal scorched field: on the one hand, the state on the other — Bulk. (Who wants to usurp the right to liberal protest. — M. Z.). And from this point of view, yet it is Ksenia Sobchak is the best candidate for the Kremlin”.

In the opinion of the analyst, as I see it, the key word is “yet”. Practice shows that “the main role of the second plan” is not necessarily to invite the already known “actor”. After all, on promotion newcomer in terms of the campaign just a few weeks. So shot Zhirinovsky on the background of the first presidential elections in 1991, and Prokhorov, Navalny, who before the start of the Federal campaign 2011-2112 years knew no more than two percent of the population.

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