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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Udaltsov is again behind bars: will power curtsy Bulk

“Sergei Udaltsov and Eduard Limonov were detained at an unsanctioned rally,” gave the media on Saturday afternoon, as if returned to five years ago, before the events at the Swamp, the arrest of Udaltsov and his discord with the Bulk. However, when the threat of real jail time for an exit on street was not so obvious.

Udaltsov literally a minute before detention. Photo: a frame from the video

The action “Anticapitalism-2017” had not yet begun and there already on duty police and police detachments. That’s just the crowd of protesters, they did not wait, at first the majority of the audience were journalists. Even in the matter of the number of activists on shares was. Unlike, for example, Orthodox terrorists, which is real only in the mind of their creators, the supporters of the left ideas and the triumph of socialism do exist. We are talking about those who are disappointed or was not swayed by charisma official custodian of the heritage left — the Communist party, but preaching similar political views.

March “anti-capitalism” is traditionally held each autumn and is held in the format agreed with the authorities of the procession. However, this year the organizers something went wrong. From the mayor’s office told them to hold a March from Strastnoy Boulevard impossible, as indeed anywhere else, since all grounds occupied in connection with the preparation for the Festival of youth. After that Udaltsov called for, which could not fail to cause deja vu to those who followed the opposition’s agenda in recent months. He said that the decision of the authorities illegal, and urged supporters to go out just like that. However, in contrast to Alexei Navalny, who brought people with the same message twice, Udaltsov called activists “to walk”, and “celebrations”.

Joined his call and writer, the leader “Other Russia” Eduard Limonov. When he appeared on the square, he was surrounded by a group of supporters, and then leaned the police, who were seated on the paddy and the NBP and Limonov himself.

As the guards entered with Udaltsov after he came out of the subway towards the cinema “Pushkin”. For a few minutes, which he spent at liberty, Udaltsov had to give a short interview in which has told about the importance of the upcoming presidential elections.

Soon came to Udaltsov, the police who reported that he engaged in illegal conduct political action. Udaltsov said that he had no political paraphernalia and the walk is quite legitimate. But to listen to him and not have taken away in a paddy wagon. Along the way, the police cleared the street, however, no one has provided resistance.

And Udaltsov and Limonov has filed the same charges — violation of article 20.2 of the administrative code. They are accused of organizing an unsanctioned political rally. And if Limonov for years of service were sent home, Udaltsov was again on the state-owned beds. He waits for the decision of the court which may make an adverse opposition decision. The fact that he recently was released from prison where he was serving a sentence in the case “Anatomy of protest-2” for the alleged preparation of the riots, together with award-winning Georgian “orangestar” Givi Targamadze.

Thus, Udaltsov’s easy to put back, having reclassified the article, but whether — question. This will mean quite so obvious nod in the direction of Alexei Navalny, who organized two “walks”. They emerged incomparably more people, but escaped with the Bulk administratively. Despite the fact that he — unclassified criminal record and restrictions imposed by serving a conditional sentence. Rather, the risk of criminal prosecution facing ordinary participants. After all, each event — though “walk”, though “celebrations” of their name — identifies the active participants of the protest. Sometimes it’s active political activists, sometimes those whose passion woke to the blows of police batons, but each risks being imprisoned for several years.

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