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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Rocket man” against the “frightened dog”: the DPRK gave a strange hint of Trump

Held in new York on 72nd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations will be long remembered by the specialists in international relations. The US President Donald trump and the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN have clashed in indirect dialogue, using expressions that at the General Assembly heard infrequently. First trump, speaking from the UN rostrum, and threatened North Korea with destruction. Then came the reply from Pyongyang — Kim Jong-UN, the session is not present, personally promised US “the hard answer, which ever saw the world”. After connected to the case and foreign Minister of the DPRK ri Yong Ho, doubt the mental health of the American leader. According to the expert, “MK”, unparalleled swordplay between the US and North Korea, of course, worsens the already difficult situation, but before the war, it is unlikely to reach.

photo: AP

“Trump is a mentally deranged person, — said from the rostrum of the UN ri Yong Ho. — He megaloman, and it condemns even the American people.”

The US President did not hesitate to answer. “Just heard the speech of the Minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea at the United Nations — trump wrote in his microblog. — If he will repeat the thought a little “man-rocket” for a long time they do not stretch”.

“Man-missile,” the us leader called Kim Jong-UN during a private speech at the General Assembly, stressing that the US is ready to do everything to eliminate the North Korean threat to himself and allies.

Pyongyang, in response, issued a formal personal statement, Kim Jong-UN, in which he called the U.S. President “barking of a frightened dog,” and promised to “tame his fire.”

Of course, the us-North Korean relations and was previously is hardly warm. Now, however, “exchange of courtesies” between the leaders actually became the main theme discussed at the session of the GA. How far can the verbal swordplay? This “MK” told Korteweg, Director of the Center of Russian strategy in Asia of the Institute of Economics Georgy TOLORAYA.

“Of course, as they say, the two leaders are good. I don’t remember the case that the leaders of the countries — the more responsible States, which consider themselves to be the US, shared similar statements, — said the expert. Despite the fact that, as it turned out, trump in the draft of his speech to the General Assembly such harsh remarks against the DPRK was not, he added from himself, which caused extremely sharp reaction, Kim Jong-UN. North Korean leader made a personal statement, which is unprecedented for this country. So, of course, the tension increased.

On the other hand, it is possible that the threat of Kim Jong-UN will force the us administration to update its position and take action to prevent escalation. In fact, the statements of the leader of the DPRK is a disguised call for negotiations. Experts agree that Pyongyang may in principle resort to an atmospheric nuclear explosion (while North Korean nuclear tests were carried out on the ground or under the ground. — “MK”) is going to pose a threat not only to peace and stability, but also directly to the lives of the people, as the infection will go to hundreds of kilometers from the place of holding such trials.

Therefore, it is hoped that the people around trump will get him to take steps to reduce tensions, although the options are less and less. But there is no other way, other way just a war that will be devastating and there is little that will solve. To start a war to avoid war — pretty weird, even for trump. Kim Jong-UN barely seriously intend to attack anyone, because we are talking about the survival of the North Korean regime. And in the case of aggression his government and he himself will be destroyed.

It is important to understand that trump, as has been said, voiced a personal position. I’m not sure if he will give the order to strike on the DPRK, the U.S. military will rush to implement it — they just understand what dangerous consequences will be associated such an operation. Is to rely on the sanity of representatives of the US political establishment, which, as we have seen repeatedly, “retarded” the most questionable initiatives of the President.”


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