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Friday, February 23, 2018

In the Krasnodar College announced the names of 15 of future military pilots

23 Sep credentials Committee announced the names of 15 lucky women who will study on military pilots. In the audience were officers, school teachers. The Commission was headed by chief of staff of the Ministry of defense of Russia Victor Goremykin. Just before the final Commission came 29 girls, but at first they were 120. Who are these 15 young ladies, which after 5 years will sit at the helm, learned “MK”.

photo: Catherine Gabel

It is known that to conquer the sky impossible, but to make friends with him is quite real. This will teach Russia’s first set of girls. After 2 years they first sit behind the wheel, and so much will need to determine the kind of aircraft which will fly each.

Girls cause one to the microphone in the room. “The entrant on the final meeting of the credentials Committee has arrived!” — girl’s coin the phrase. It is seen that everyone is very excited, some of the girls firmly squeezes his hand into a fist until the knuckles whitened. The girls announce the results and outcome two: “recommended for admission” or “recommended for transfer to the reserve”. No horrible words “expelled”. Usually after the results of the Hero of Russia pilot-cosmonaut Yelena Serova was asked a girls life questions about the reason for their choice: “Why do you love the sky?”, “What was the last book you read?”, “Why do you love your country?”

Captain Olesya Borisyuk before entering the hall, rehearsing with the girls that they will have to say. Girls lined up in two rows, and each waiting for their results, though, as they admitted yesterday they have calculated your points and everything was already more or less mentally prepared.

Vladislav from Chelyabinsk already knew that did, so she relaxed and even joking. But Anna Shcherbakova gleaning just one point, but it has competitive advantage — the first and best category of professional selection. According to the head of the research Department of professional psychological selection and training of flight personnel Fedor Melinskogo, a category rare and people with it — a very promising pilots. So she appealed to the admissions Committee with a request to consider her candidacy for admission. It would seem, just one point — and then failed the exam. Goremykin has promised to apply for admission Anna to the Minister of defence. For the Commission Anna told me that her brother is in the missile troops of strategic purpose and she wants to guard the skies of the Motherland. I hope a small miracle will still happen and trainees should be 16.

And here are all the 15 names announced, but in the corridor the tears. Someone with joy, came in, and someone from the frustration — not enough points. Girls console each other, because in the two weeks they had become friends, although, perhaps, the hardest test today. To survive with dignity in the towel and not break — great art. Maria from Bryansk region, despite the failure, has no plans to leave the dream of the sky, and will arrive in the next year. Glad she and the girls now not a College and the students.

In the corridor of the girls ‘ building: the left incoming and the right those who go to the reserve. “Comrades cadets, left, and forward March!” girls are invited to the hall. Here Victor Goremykina and Elena Serova they received their epaulets. Not left without gifts and girls enrolled in the reserve. They were presented with Teddy bears in the form of pilots. “Let this bear will be a key for next year”, — said Viktor Goremykin, handing Teddy friend.

Welcome address to the students-the girls in the first set gave defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. He congratulated the girls with the receipt and was reminded that being first is a big responsibility. Boys-cadets also gave all the ladies flowers and gifts.

Now is the time to explore their new place of residence. They handed the symbolic key to their new dorms. The girls have a double room and a bathroom for four. In rooms — a Cabinet in which hangs the long-awaited form. Joy girls no limit.

A welcome address in a beautiful frame will now hang in the living room and remind them that they are the first in modern history who will soon sit behind the wheel.



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